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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Beauty Comes In Many Shapes and Forms.

Click On The Picture To Hear The Great Miss Susan Boyle

Mr. Timeless Things: "You want to watch something wonderful?"
Me: "Oh yes! What is it?"
Mr. Timeless Things: "You'll be astonished."
Me: "Show me"
Mr. Timeless Things: "You know how Simon Cowell has that other show in England. Well, a lady tried out and....well, I want you to watch what happened."
Me: "OMG...I'm already shaking."
After watching it, I was really upset by the audience's reaction to her. Just because she wasn't Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, they sneered at her telling the judges of the show that she wanted to sing and she compared herself to what I'm supposing is someone pretty fab. I'm not sure who it was (bloggers, you will probably have to tell me who, as Mr. Timeless and I haven't the faintest idea who that person is) but the fact that she had the guts to get up there, take the stage and sing I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, and show what she could do, fascinated me. What I saw was a sweet looking older lady (she's actually only 47) with a sweet and tender smile and as she took the stage, was already being ridiculed because of her looks. How sad and shame on those people to treat someone this way. When she did sing, and use that gift of God, even the judges were close to tears. The lady judge hit it on the nail of how they had treated her and calling it a "wake up call" for all. She is right. Why be cruel to each other. Why try to squash someone's dream? Susan Boyle, you are beautiful to me. Oh yeah, and you sing great too! She brought the house down.

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