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Friday, August 7, 2015


The Winner Of The Timeless Things 200th Post Giveaway! Meeting Patricia and Erica

The winner of my Timeless Things Giveaway was Patricia of Vintage Linen Treasures. Imagine my surprise when she let me know that she was from San Antonio! I mean, knock me over with a feather why don't ya! We decided that we would meet at a local Starbucks and though I was running a bit late I finally got to meet her and her incredible daughter/fireman, Erica (I hope I spelled your name correctly sweetie pie.) I have to laugh because of all the names that me and Marshall printed out, he pulled out one of Patricia's slips! You can see Patricia's own post about our meeting at Starbucks here. She has a great photo of us pulling on the giftbox as if we were fighting over it. I called it the "Takeway" Giveaway picture. Her daughter Erica took the shot. We are such jokester's!
Look at all of the lovely ladies that were so kind enough to enter my Giveaway! 

Each lovely lady had five entries in the Giveaway. Mr. Timeless Things enjoyed printing out the names for me and we cut the strips and folded each one and put it into the Treasure Box.
I packed the goodies in shiny Pink Easter grass! I love this stuff! Messy but oh so fun!

The first gift was supposed to be this fun recipe book by Jessica Seinfeld. I have a copy myself and I just love it. Guess what? I forgot to take it with me. Patricia's gift box was already packed and way too full for the book to fit, so I had it packed in another gift box but I left it on my ironing board with a card explaining the two other books I was giving her. I called her and let her know I'd be sending it by mail. I hope she likes it. I also gave her two other books. Both were thrift store finds. I love to find little books that I call "jewels" for myself and as gifts for friends. One book is a red Christmas memory book. I can't believe someone gave that book up. The other is called, Grandmother's Household Hints. It's a charming book that has many recipes for household cleaners and many useful hints for house dilemmas.Inside the cover, it is autographed by the person who originally gave this book to a loved one. A young girl was starting out in life on her own and she was given the book to help her maintain her household. It is lovingly inscribed and I thought how sweet it was that it was now in my hands and passed on to Patricia. I hope she enjoys it. 
A German sugar bowl that I found at Goodwill. A brand new coffee/cocoa cup with a floral design. I loved the cup so much that I bought myself one too! I also bought her some Pink Peeps but I forgot to take a picture of them. I love those sugary sweeties! 
Two vintage pins from my own collection. The leaf pin was given to me by my late mother in-law Willa. The pink jeweled flower pin was a gift from my sister Cyndi. They are in good hands. 
The charming Household Hint book.
 A vintage replica egg ornament and some boxed Egg ornament decorations.

Closer view of the replica Vintage Egg ornaments. These were so darling that I bought some for myself as well. I just couldn't pass them up.
A replica Vintage apron. I loved the design and color!
Anyone remember the little pink pitcher and bowl? Yep, I posted them the day after I bought them and used it on a Pink Saturday post. I already knew I was going to add it to my Giveaway when I bought them. 
Some chocolate mixes for Patricia. Isn't the Raggedy Ann tin adorable? Well, they all are adorable! 

The packed box at Starbucks. I had to tie it with a thick black ribbon because the lid wouldn't stay put! LOL! 
The adorable and vibrant Erica, Patricia's daughter. My boobs are bigger than her sweet little head!

The beautiful mother and daughter. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was their stunning beauty. Their eyes are amazing and such a clear blue.

Patricia and Erica are both full of fun and I had such a fabulous time with them. Erica is probably the most engaging and outgoing person I've ever met. She is a fireman and I could tell that this young lady loves her job. Her passion for it was obvious as she described her training and her adventures in putting out fires. Her mother doesn't like to hear about how many close calls Erica has had but she is immensely proud of her and of her accomplishments. This is one woman who found her calling. I can still recall the joy in her voice as she spoke of her job.

Erica took a picture of me and Patricia when I first got to Starbucks. 
This is how I will always remember the girls. Their beauty is boundless and their wonderful and friendly personalities shine through when you meet them. Have you ever met someone and you and see the smile in their eyes? Sunniness. It's an endearing quality and they both have it.
I enjoyed my afternoon with both of you and I hope that we can get together again soon! We can have another Mocha time I'll order a small one! I was a bad girl and ordered a large!

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