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Friday, August 7, 2015


Today I'm Thankful For Texas Bluebonnets

My Texas. A spacious state with a wonderful mix of people. The only state able to divide itself into five separate states. I was born and raised here and of course I would think it the best state ever.

We have such a varied variety of flora and fauna here. I'm originally from West Texas where mimosa, pecan, weeping willow, redbud, mulberry and dogwood trees run rampant on our front and back yards. Lantana, sunflower, zinnia, wild mushrooms, and peach and magenta roses grow wild all around the Panhandle area as does green clover. Most of West Texas is up on the Caprock and pretty much a dry area. When it RAINS. There is nothing like a West Texas thunderstorm. The smell of water and earth together is so intoxicating. I miss it very much. Now that I live in central Texas I have become accustomed to mesquite, the dreaded cedar (allergies), oak, bougainvilla, magnolia, palm trees, nogalitos, prickly pear, crepe myrtle, crabapple (which our home has an over abundance of this tree. Delicious!). Hackberry, juniper, goldenraintree and huisache. 

I live in Bexar County and we have valley after valley full of incredible views and sights. The most incredible sight is our glorious State Flower, the Bluebonnet. Former First Lady, Claudia 'Lady Bird' Johnson, was responsible for planting wildflowers on our Texas highways and bluebonnets are pretty much everywhere in Central, South and East Texas. Such a beautiful vista when you do come across a road lined with electric blue flowers.

I see it's beauty, it's vibrant color and it makes me smile. I'm thankful for that.


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