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Friday, August 7, 2015


Pumpkins, Corn and Nostalgia

Yea, I'm going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. It's still not too late to get me a pumpkin and a few ears of corn for my dining room table What I really need to do is take out my Christmas ornaments out of storage and start getting my December Days blog going. I just added a sweet song on the DD blog and on this blog I added a few old radio shows called Couple Next Door and two of the old Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy show. It's so enchanting listening to those shows while I am doing the dishes or dusting. I have been listening to them on our Christian radio station here in town and have fallen in love with it. You can hear them from the jukebox below on the blog. They last several minutes so just letting you know about that. I love nostalgia..even if it's a little before my time but I am old enough to have been fortunate to have caught many radio soap operas before I hit my teens.

I hope you all are having a great time this weekend. Perhaps you baked delicious cookies like Laura from LAURASCOOP, or maybe you are still trying to figure out what the Peloponnesian War was all about like Bonnie from One Designing Woman. Whatever the case may be, I hope that the time you spend with your loved ones today will be a beautiful memory for them later on in their lives. Perhaps a song they will hear today, or a brush of wind on their face, the smell of the earth...some little somthing that for them, years from now, will be nostalgic. I have those quite a bit. I guess when you're in your mid-forties you tend to want to go back to those golden days when life was simple and we didn't have laptops, PSP's and all that other stuff that keep the kids from using their imagination to play. I don't know if my niece and nephew have ever made mud pies, leaf tacos, played hopscotch, colored in a coloring book, played red rover. Did they ever play Pick Up Sticks? Did they watch the Walton's? I know that my two nieces from Alaska are more prone to playtime just using their imaginations. They love to play dress up. And I think that maybe they have watched the Waltons! Just hearing the Walton theme transports me to another time: It was always dusk on Sunday and I would be sitting under our big mimosa tree in the front yard with all of our friends from the block playing Blackduck (ours was the Kool-Aid house) and my parents would be inside the living room, our huge wooden door open so they could keep on eye on us through the screen and glass door and out would waft the tune and I always made everyone hush until it was over. I tucked that into my memory jewel box and I take it out every once in while and smile at the memory. I hope you have some of those in your memory jewel box.


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