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Friday, August 7, 2015


I've Lost Six Pounds As Of Today

Me, after finding out I had lost one more pound to make it a grand total of six pounds lost. I am so proud of myself. I am winning the battle of the bulge!Woo Woo Woo! (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. We took it with the cell phone camera).
Yes, it's true. I've lost six pounds and I'm so thrilled about it. It's been hard staying away from Moon-Pies and fried chicken but my health means more to me than anything else right now. I'm nearing fifty and I suddenly realized that I have got to start taking better care of myself. No one else will. It's my responsibility to make sure that my weight and blood sugar are monitered regularly. It's easy to fall off the wagon (it's called denial) but I am determined to stay in the wagaon and ride it down the sidewalk of a happy healthy life. I've been the failure here. Not the diets. Not Weight Watchers. Me. I had to really kick myself in the pants and get my act straight. I don't want to lose my eyesite or limbs and my crooked teeth to my diabetes. They say it takes two weeks to create a habit...but for me, getting healthy has taken one full week. I'm unstoppable. I won't fail this time.

Thank you Bonnie and Lanette for your support! And to my Katty (husband) for always supporting me and now making sure that I am monitoring my blood sugar regularly. Ouch!

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