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Friday, August 7, 2015


Pink Saturday! Happy Valentines Day!

I can't believe another Saturday has come around. Today will mark my third Pink Saturday and how wonderful that it happened to fall on Valentine's Day! I have some personal items, one very special friend, several wished for items and a few Pink pretty borrowed pictures because they were too lovely to pass up! Thanks to sweet Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for being such a gracious hostess and for taking the time to make up such a long but oh so fun list of Pink Saturday participants. Please drop in at Beverly's blog to view the other wonderful Pinkposts! You won't be disappointed!
Happy Valentine's Day to you from Timeless Things. Thank you for making my days happy and bright. I appreciate every one of you. Please accept this Valentine as my gift to you.......And now, on to thePINKS!

This ruggedly handsome gent is my new friend Stevie from The Beautiful Outdoors. He is a dear friend of Lee Laurie's from A Southern Rose. The three of us spoke on the phone the other day and we just enjoyed ourselves immensely! Stevie wanted to surprise Lee Laurie, so he emailed me and gave me their number and I did call them at ten-thirty p.m after being in a coma for the entire day. Thanks again Stevie for thinking of us. Doesn't he look wonderful in that Pink tie! I love men in Pink. My husband wore aPink tie to our wedding this past July but I'm saving that for a special future post of our wedding day. As Paris Hilton would say....."That's hot!"

These beautiful Pink hanging ornaments were given to me last year as a gift. I dearly love them and keep them in my Shabby Chic ladies room.

When my friends come over, they try and sneak them out of the restroom! Sorry girls, they are MINE and I'm not sharing these lovelies with ya!

This ornament is to commemerate my years in ballet. To me, these Pink pointe shoes, are the most precious things I"ve ever seen. I own one set. I didn't want to go overboard and make a ballet Christmas tree. With all the knocking together I do with these every's a wonder that they have not shattered! I would probably start crying if that happened. No kidding! LOL!

This Pink lipstick ornament is from Hobby Lobby. I thought it was such a cute ornament plus it is totally me as you do not ever see me without lipstick on or carrying about ten different lipsticks in my purse! You can't tell from the picture but it's covered in sparkly glitter. So very girly wouldn't you say?

This is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments. Clara, from The Nutcracker. Isn't her Pink pleated skirt just adorable? She's a porcelain piece so I am always very careful with her when I start to decorate and when I'm packing her up until next year.

Okay, anyone that personally knows me, can attest to the fact that I do not go anywhere without my PinkJaponesque Train make-up case. I consider being caught without make-up a mortal sin! Ha!..Just kidding! Being a first cousin to Godzilla, I am never without make-up. I adore playing with eyeshadows, mascara and lipsticks all day long.

Getting to the domestic side of life, this here appliance is my dream stove. I refuse to cook until I get this Pink stove........are you reading this Mr. Timeless Things?

Since I've requested the Pink stove, might as well go whole hog and put in my request for my Pink dream house. See honey, it's all landscaped already and the house is painted in the perfect shade of pink so you don't have to do a thing! Honey, quit covering your eyes!!!!

Well, since he refuses to get me my stove and my dream house, I guess my next Pink wish would be the beautiful Pink sands of Bermuda! What's that babe....? You get seasick! How do you've never even been on a boat!! No, we are out of Alka-Seltzer!

No dream Pink stove, no dream Pink house and noPink sand....hmmm.. do you think you could get me aPink fish for Valentine's Day? She could be the girl we never had. We could get a cute bowl, fill it with pink gravel and pink flowers and tell Blanco and Azul that they have a new sister. "You really shouldn't roll your eyes at me babe, they'll get stuck like that."

My Pink Jeweled Superman compact! Yea!! You do have good taste Mr. Timeless Things.

Last but not least, My Pink Hello Kitty Guitar complete with picks. I will get this for my upcoming birthday! I'm over the moon. I guess I'll have to buy my sweetie some earmuffs to block out the lovely music I'll be making! I did have a happy Valentine's day after all!
Enjoy your Pink Saturday everyone!

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