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Friday, August 7, 2015



Several weeks ago, I was blog hopping and came across a blog called~~SWEET NOTHINGS~~ that had me smiling, laughing and crying all at once. I found this blog by way of sweet Beverly over at Tea Time and Roses. I had hopped over to Marcela's blog, Siempre En Algun Lugar and saw Sweet Nothings on Marcela's list. I found myself reading her entire blog and to my surprise, I saw some pictures of places and things that looked so endearingly familiar. I saw a realty sign on a picture of a new neighborhood in my hometown that BJ had put on her blog. I was very familiar with that real estate firm. Then I saw BJ had a picture of her grandchild (if I remember correctly) sitting next to a jar of peanut butter and some other food product. The label on the food was the store brand label I recognized as being that of my hometown grocery store.
Even though I was reading through most of her blog, I still hadn't come across anything that said she WAS from my hometown. I decided to email her and I asked her if she was from Lubbock or in a town near Lubbock. She wrote back to let me know that yes, she was from my hometown. I was so excited to hear that. We've been visiting each other's blog since then and when my husband and I get back home to Lubbock and visit my parents, I am going to have lunch with her. I can't wait.
You just have to go and visit her blog. She has so many nice pictures of her home and family and of the vacations she takes with her loved ones. She also has an amazing collection of dishware and I already warned her that when I do get back home to Lubbock, that she'd better hide all of her stuff because my husband and I love dishware. She'll have to guard her "pretties" with a big shot gun!
I've said it before, you never know where bloghopping will take you. Sometimes you land in the most wonderful places and luckily for me, I've been welcomed in every single one.

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