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Friday, August 7, 2015


Pink Saturday!

Hi everyone! It's time again for Pink Saturday! This is a quick post for me as my husband and I have to attend a Gala tonight in downtown San Antonio. I will visit as many Pink Saturday blogs as I can before noon. I will catch up with the rest on Sunday and Monday. A big thank you goes to Sweet Beverly atHow Sweet The Sound as she hosts this wonderful event every Saturday. A lot of hard work goes in to this and we certainly thank her for all of her efforts to make this a fun-filled day for us. If you would like to join in on the fun, visit dear Beverly at her sweet blog.
Last weekend, I made my weekly visit to my favorite Goodwill on Fredericksburg Rd. and saw these darling cups and plates on the shelf lovingly calling my name and then to my surprise......................I noticed they had their bags packed and were ready to come home with me. I tried to resist their charm and loveliness. It was hard. The plates flashed their gold gilt border at me 
and the cups were blowing kisses and well...I mega crumbled. I carried the lot to the cashier,plunked the little boogers down and pulled out a wad of bills...(monopoly money) and staked my claim! You girls are mine! They jumped into the box and closed the lid. We were off!The set is uneven as it is missing the sugar bowl, three teacups, six saucers, one dessert plate and one soup bowl. Heaven only knows what happened to the dinner plates but I'm not complaining. I love them just the way they are. I'm never one to turn down Pink roses! Aren't they photogenic? Even my darling sweetie Marshall liked them. What a find!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!

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