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Friday, August 7, 2015


My New Friend From China: Loida

This is the home of my new blog friend. Her name is Loida. Her sweet blog is called 2L3BS and she lives in China with her beautiful family. She came to my blog and of course I had to go and visit her. She has a very darling blog and she tells it like it is. I really like that about her. She has some wonderful pictures on her blog. I enjoy seeing what's going on in another part of the world. She has let me post her Christmas pictures on Timeless Things and I appreciate that very much Loida. Thank you! Isn't her front door precious? I love her garland over her doorway. I copied that idea and put a garland and wove two strings of clear lights above our glass sliding door that goes out to our patio. I might just keep it up there all year long. It's too pretty to take down so soon.Isn't her mantel just precious? I love the hanging angels and is that a Bass fiddle I see in the background? What a lovely decorative idea Loida. I would love to find one just like that.I am so glad that Loida is in China because I would have already tried to sneak this adorable cherub clock out of her home if she lived close to me! You know me...I love everything everybody else has! Hee Hee Hee! I have never seen anything so precious. What a find!Don't you just love greenery as a decorative touch. I love anything that has berries on it. I have always wanted a giant wreath made from evergreen branches and tons of red berries. I have priced them at Hobby Lobby and at Michael's but my goodness, $70 dollars is a little too steep for moi. One day I will get it though. I can't picture another Christmas without it! I'd better start saving the clams. Maybe I can find something comparable to it at the after Christmas sales.
And here is Loida's family tree. What a charming tree it is. I love the touches of vibrant red. The shape of it seems so whimsical to me. Almost like a spire that twists and turns. I love the pictures Loida. Thank you for allowing me to post them and share them with my other Blogger friends. You are a wonderful lady and I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas Holiday!
Merry Christmas Loida
Love, Deanna

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