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Friday, August 7, 2015



I awoke this morning feeling poorly. My throat was dry as dust plus I felt a line of demarkation where when I would swallow, nothing seemed to do down. My nose is running one minute, stopped up the next. My cough sounds so terrible and's the dreaded allergies. 

We have cedar flying around like crazy in San Antonio and of course I probably had my mouth open yakking away last night at my nephew Abram's basketball game at our church gymnasium. It was very cold last night so I took extra precautions to keep bundled up since I'm so suseptable to colds and the like. Well, the basketball game was going on nicely and I don't remember why or how but during the game my sister Cyndi and I and some of the other mothers, started a joke about Magic shoes (the boys team had just received new basketball shoes) magic whistles (mothers who disagree with the referee) and magic watches (girls basketball team..their games are so long due to dramatic falls and dramatic cramps that we have to wait ages before we can see the boys play) and my sister Cyndi, who dresses flamboyantly, playfully swung her Christmas red wrap trimmed with a row of rabbit fur dyed red to match at my face and of course it hit me right in the eye. The eye with the new corneal transplant. BAD. Me, who is allergic to animal fur of anykind...allergic to milk(I drink it anyway) allergic to dust, cantaloupe.....okay, you get the picture! Well it was down hill from there. My eyes started to water and make gunge so I got up and had to go and clean my lenses. Not an easy task for the right eye with the new hybrid lens. Hard to put on. Well I got it all done in about twenty minutes and we went to dinner after the game. I knew I was starting to feel bad when we got home so I took two allergy pills and knocked myself out with NyQuil. 

Needless to say, I awoke feeling like a wad of sick. I called in at work and slept most of the day. Progresso soup has been keeping me from starving since I think I would really turn green if I tried to eat something solid. Hopefully I'll feel better in the morning as I have much to do here at the house to get my Christmas pictures posted next Wednesday.

NyQuil. What a wonderful product. 

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