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Friday, August 7, 2015


A Few Words About Word Verification

Word Verification. This is what we bloggers see when we have left our blogging buddies a comment on their blogs. Granted, some of the 'words'...if we can call them words, are somewhat of a mixture of letters such as -xplifwqw or pxzlifse. When these occur, I always have to re-do it because either my eyes are viewing the letters in a dyslexic form or I just stubbornly refuse to do it in the right order! After trying for the fifth time, I think the person at the Word Verification cubicle decides that I've been punished enough and gives me a simple five letter word that even a first-grader can spell. That's when I hear snickering from my Blogging Mascot!

This is my mascot, CeeCee. She sits with me while I visit blogs and lets me know what a horrible job I'm doing at Word Verification. Skinny little witch! Anyway, she sits on my keyboard and is always pestering me about visiting my blogging buddies. I'll be trying to clean my house and she's sittin' over there waving her spaghetti arms trying to entice me to get online! No wonder my house is a mess! "Leave me alone" I say, trying to sort out my laundry. But no, she wants to know what Bonnie and Lee Laurie are doing. "I have to do laundry CeeCee!" She starts walking on my keyboard trying to figure out how to turn on the laptop. She's anxious to see what what creations Duni has made and if BJ has made any chicken and dumplings. "All right!" I holler at her, tossing the laundry aside. CeeCee points to my list of Blogging Beauties and Gent and picks out the ones she want to visit. "Only three blogs today CeeCee. We really have to do laundry today!" So off we go to visit the creative people we have met and marvel at their works. Then comes the fun part. Commenting. She has no say in what I leave behind but she does love to see the Word Verification words. She's bored with the, xplyeits ones but one day she caught this;

Sting. She hopped off of the laptop and searched for my digi cam and took this shot. Cute, but would there be more?

A few minutes later, she found this.Sally. I mean, how cute is that? A lady's name! No, the blog we visited was not owned by a lady named Sally but it would have been hilarious if it were.
Our next Word Verification at the next blog was Hablo. Which means 'talk' in Spanish. CeeCee fell off the laptop keyboard from laughing so hard. "No CeeCee, I didn't know Word Verification was bilingual. Wow, get your cam CeeCee!". Snap. Good shot!

Our next stop was not at Polly's place. We don't even know a Polly. Perhaps she's Sally's friend!

Shine! CeeCee took this snap after we visited a Blogging Beauty that is a woman of virtue and her belief in God is visible on her blog. She is truly inspiring and we believe that this Word Verification is perfectly describing her blog! Great shot CeeCee!
Okay, this one is plain out weird! It sounds like a character from Hamtaro or one of those strange cartoons my nephew Abram likes to watch. SLARDOG! Warlord of the Slarclan!

CeeCee liked this one because the Blogging Beauty that this blog belongs to, has a message on her blog about how much she loves for 'Guests' to leave her a comment. And we did!

We laughed at this one because at the time we did this comment, we were watching The Jeffersons and how fitting it was that the Word Verification was Weezy! Spelt differently but sounds the same!
CeeCee bets that you can't guess the date this Word Verification word occurred. Yep!Voter occurred on Election day! I mean, how lucky were we to catch this one! Way to go you skinny witch!
These two words; Ounces and Large, occurred when me and my blogging beauty friends were discussing the lows and highs of dieting and being on Weight Watchers.
I didn't appreciate being called Large as I'm sure that CeeCee doesn't like being called "Skinny Witch" but CeeCee is mine. I can call her whatever I like....Someday I want to be like her....A Skinny Little Witch"...hahahaahaha!!! We hope these made you chuckle a bit and we will definately be on the lookout for more Words! 

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