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Friday, August 7, 2015


Whatever Happened to the Pink Princess Phone?

What ever happened to this beautiful girlish pink phone? I remember when I was a young girl that I just simply had to have this phone. After all, my sister Cyndi and I had a beautiful red bedroom with two pink canopy beds and what (in my mind) could be more perfect than our own pink princess phone. I wanted one just like my Aunt Hope had at her house. The one with the push buttons that lit up. Alas, Cyndi and I never got one. We had the ugly black phone that hung on the wall in the kitchen...ugh!
Anyway, I did get my pink princess phone when I got married. I wish now that I had kept that phone....what a lunkhead. I always felt so girlish and so Doris Day-ish when I talked on that phone. I remember Sissy Davis from Family Affair had a beautiful light blue banana trimline phone in her bedroom. That must have been where I got the idea to have a phone in my room. True, the phone came in various colors but you know...I gotta have pink!
This post came about because my friend Byisteal just happened to mention that she had just bought one on Ebay and how happy she was when it came. It was pink. It worked and most importantly....the numbers lit up. I told her that I had been on the hunt for one and I most assuredly would visit Ebay to find my hearts desire. I love that we are able to find a bit of our past and pay a small amount to recapture those wonderful feelings of wonder.
All I need now is a beautiful pink bouffant dress, some pink pointy- toed heels and some bright pink lipstick and I'll be ready to chat away with you about some lovely pink things.
Feeling Pink,

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