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Friday, August 7, 2015

FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009

Jeannie, Laura and Samantha. Who Is More Beautiful?

One day last month, my sweetie and I were discussing the wives of sitcoms past. Our favorite of course was Lucy Ricardo and coming in second was quirky June Cleaver. Carol Brady was up there but was relagated to third place. Then somehow we started to discuss who we thought were the most beautiful wives of sitcoms from yesteryear. Well, Lucille Ball is certainly a striking woman with that red hair and those baby blue eyes but she was just too zany to exude sex appeal. Or so says Mr. Timeless Things. Then I remembered Kathy Williams from The Danny Thomas Show. She was very beautiful and sexy but hardly anyone remembers her. Next. Betty Rubble? She is probably the most lusted after cartoon lady in history! Wilma comes close but Betty always takes the cake. Next.....we were stumped. We couldn't think of anyone. Then it dawned on us. There were three women whose names we had thrown into the ring and it became clear that they were the only choices. The right we, Deanna and Marshall saw them.
Jeannie Nelson from I Dream of Jeannie, Laura Petrie from The Dick Van Dyke Show and Samantha Stephens from Bewitched. I can tell you that the men in my family have chosen Jeannie as the most beautiful TV wife. She, with the sexy genie costume and peek-a-boo belly button can turn men into spineless jellyfish. What man wouldn't want to be called "Master?". Forget it Marshall, I will never call you Master! Laura Petrie was elegance personified. She with the dark hair and dancing feet could charm Rob Petrie out of a bad mood. I love to watch this show because between them, there was a definite chemistry. Samantha Stephens was so darned sexy during the first two years of Bewitched according to the menfolk. She was definately a sex kitten and she and Dick York had the same chemistry as Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke. She with the dimple in her chin, glittering green eyes and that beautiful blond mane of hair. She was a toss up with my sweetie. He couldn't decide between Jeannie and Samantha. In the end, he chose Jeannie. Yeah, I knew he would! I knew he'd go for the peek-a-boo belly button! I choose Samantha. She did get quirky during the third and fourth season of the show and it seemed to me that she stopped caring about what her hair looked like and she never did ring her eyes again with eyeliner. She lost that siamese cat look of hers that made men's hearts melt. I still want to be like Laura Petrie though...she was the one I wanted to emulate the most.
Who would your menfolk pick? Do you think you know what their choice would be? Give it a go!

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