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Friday, August 7, 2015


Pink Saturday...And My Mom Is Here In San Antonio!

Good morning or good afternoon, depending on where you might be! Today is Pink Saturday but not really....I'm actually working on this post at 11:30 pm Friday night. My mother is in town for the weekend and Marshall and I just got home from my sister Cyndi's house and I rushed to take pictures of my "pretties" for Pink Saturday. My mother enjoys looking at my blog and she's visited the other particpants Pink Saturday posts and gets a big kick out of looking at everyone's pictures. Earlier tonight, the whole lot of us, went to Long John Silvers to eat dinner because of Lent. My sweetie and my brother in-law Johnny went in my car and Cyndi, mom, my niece Marissa and I, went in my sisters car. After we all finished dinner, the men drove home and my niece, not wanting fish, decided that she wanted Thai food so off we go and as we were driving out of the shopping center, my mother and I noticed that the Goodwill was still open. It was around 8:45 pm and mom and I strolled around the store while Cyndi and Marissa went through the drive thru. We found some cute and necessary items! We had a lot of fun together for those short fifteen minutes.
These are the cups my sweetie and I went to pick up Saturday when he lost his wallet.
I has asked Delia, the store owner of M&M Thrift Shop to hold these dear little teacups for me. I actually had found them the week before March 7th. She doesn't take plastic and that is all my sweetie and I carry most of the time. I asked her if she would hold them for me and I would come back on the 7th to pay her. If she had only been there at ten when her store opens, our whole day would have turned out differently. Oh well, can't cry over a stolen wallet! Anyway, aren't these teacups just darling? I love the little rose buds on the outside of the cup and the two roses on the inside of the cup. She sold them to me for $1.50 each because she felt so bad about my precious losing his wallet. What a dear lady.This precious pillow is from Blanco Rd. Bazaar. That place is Shabby Chic heaven! I can walk around that place and never tire of looking at all the goodies! Oh to be able to take everything off of their shelves and plunk them down and say, "I'm taking EVERYTHING!"The back of the pillow is moire in a beautiful dark hot pink. I'm not sure what it's stuffed with but it's oh so fluffy and lovely to look at.I fell HARD for this must have pillow! The vintage jeweled center, the delicate crocheted top and the flower pattern just take my breath away!The swinging fringe gives it that touch of fun and I for one wish that I could find more of these.I found this little pitcher and bowl at Goodwill Monday afternoon after work. It was .99 cents.This beautiful pottery Sleigh planter was purchased for me by my mother tonight at Goodwill. Thanks Mom, I love it! She got them to take a dollar off the price, so we got if for $1.99! It's an old and vintage pottery piece but we can't read the name of the potter. Does anyone recognize it or have any ideas. I'll try and get a picture of the signature. Sorry if the pictures are a bit dark but my kitchen lighting is a bit dim as we have that awful fluorescent (blah!) lighting and it is fixing to be midnight, so naturally, lighting is a bit dark!
Thanks go to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound. She makes my Saturdays so special and I know that it's the same for you. Be sure to visit the other Pink Saturday Participants! You might see something that inspires you!

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