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Friday, August 7, 2015


I Finally Went To A Thrift Shop!

It seems so long since I've stepped foot inside of a thrift store. I was in my element though and I was feeling like I had come home. I have so many choices as far as thrift shops go. San Antonio is full of them. I do have to say that my favorite are all the Goodwill stores. Not only are they full of vintage and timeless things, they are super clean. Not one toy out of place. Nothing is ever littering the floors of these stores. I wish the managers of Goodwill would show the managers of the Ross Stores how to keep a neat and clean store. It just makes shopping so wonderful. So kudos to my Goodwill stores in San Antonio. You make my shopping experience so pleasurable. Here are my latest finds:These vases were .99 cents. I love anything cobalt and green is my favorite color. I just saw them sitting on the shelf looking forlorn and they winked at me and here they are.I am an avid collector of salt and pepper shakers. I like vintage shakers only but when the Christmas and Easter holidays come around, my husband buys me a set to mark the event. These corn cob shakers have cork stoppers and I can't believe someone gave these darling things up. How lucky was I to find these lovelies needing a new home?These are mini copper molds. I have a few already and they are seriously hard to come by lately. They were .49 cents each. What a deal wouldn't you say? I hung them in the kitchen by my stove and they look so sweet there. I hope I find some more of these soon.I couldn't pass this sweet felt angel up. She looks so 60's to me. I already fixed one of her lashes. One was trimmed with pinking shears and the other was cut straight. I got my pinking shears and fixed the straight lash. I will be using her next Christmas as my tree topper. I normally don't use a tree topper but after I fix her up next year, I think she will be beautiful. I'll put more sparkles on her and possibly add a collar trimmed with boa feathers. I think a red collar with a white boa trim will look wonderful. Price: .50 cents.Can you believe this cookie jar was only $3.00? No nicks, no cracks. It was on the bottom shelf which I normally pass on since my spare tire won't let me bend that far..but something told me to take a look so I half squatted and peeked under a Christmas tree skirt and there it was. I grabbed it and took a gander at it to make sure it wasn't broken and this lady came by and said, "Oh no.....honey, you are so lucky to get that cookie jar. I passed it up just now and I decided to come back and get it and boy did I goof". I honestly didn't want to give it up but I offered it to her and she said she appreciated the gesture but that no, it was mine now. "Give it a good home" she said. It's full of fig newtons now and I think it's very happy indeed. I know I am!The back of the cookie jar. Or it could be the front! Either way, it is so precious.I love to find vintage books and this one was calling my name as I walked past the book section. I fell in love with the cover. It was published in 1954 and has some darling stories in it. I read them the other night and was so enchanted by the illustrations. You just don't find illustrations like this anymore. It's a dying art. How sad. I do get lucky quite often in finding these little gems.Sorry for the blurry picture but I was munching on a carrot at the time.See what I mean about the darling illustrations. I love this book! I can't wait until next Christmas when I can set this book out on my coffee table for everyone to enjoy.The big book was .99 cents. It is full of Christmas stories and poems. Such a sweet book.This little jewel was .40 cents and the color is just beautiful. The topper looks black but it is the exact same color as the bottle. It's going in my bathroom. I have my bathroom decorated in Shabby Chic decor and I think this will fit perfectly in there. I almost missed it because it was underneath one of those bags of goodies that Goodwill puts together. There were bottles and bottles of glitter in all colors with embroidery floss, yarn, measuring tapes, felt in many colors, sew on name it. My friend Joy bought the bag and I got the glass bottle.This chalk angel is just darling. She has no nicks, chips or cracks. I am going to doll her up with some small vintage jewels that I will place in her hair. She was only .30 cents. I am going to place her in my bathroom when she is finished. I can't wait to start on her. I'll post the finished result at a later date. My friend Joy wanted her but I saw her first! Sorry Joy!I love this little pitcher. I always see this pottery at Goodwill and at other thrift shops. I have never purchased a piece so I thought I'd better get this one and start collecting this particular ware. It is in abundance so it should be fairly easy to acquire all the pieces. I'm not sure why I have never collected it before? I'm totally baffled.
This is my precious chalkware dog. His bottom is so old and scratched...not his butt but the know what I mean...hahahaaha! He was my last find. Joy and I were checking out and I saw him in the glass display case. I asked the cashier how much and she said $3.00 but on sale at $2.00 so I took him. I love little plaster dogs. I don't have many but I love to collect them.
Well, that was my trip to Goodwill. I will be posting my treasures more often since the original name of my blog was My Love Affair With Thrift Shops! I kind of strayed from that theme but this past week of being in Weight Watchers and organizing my life has helped me to manage my time well. I feel re-energized and less stressed. I realized that I have to have structure in my daily life. My walks have really helped me to see clearly. I feel so wonderfully happy after a walk. Nothing bothers me anymore. I owe all this wonderful happiness to my friend Bonnie. She has been so encouraging with her inspiring words and I appreciated that more than she will ever know.

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