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Friday, August 7, 2015


A Trip Down Redemption Lane.

How many of you remember these stamps? I'm sure most of you do remember them. S&H Green Stamps and Gold Bond. Well, we used to collect books and books of them and we even had our own collection so that we could get a treasure of our own at the redemption center. I can't remember all that we acquired but my mother still has a metal shelf for knick knacks that she has in her living room.
It was such an adventure to go down and pick out our goodies. I know we must have gotten lamps, shelves, towels.....too many things to name. What I do remember is going to the grocery store and the clerk dialing that round contraption and out would fly the stamps and it always seemed like yards and yards of them would be handed over to my mother. We would race home and my mother would let us divide the stamps between the three of us; me, my brother Joey and my sister Cyndi. Laurie was too little to partake in this particular pleasure. The three of us would patiently wait for months of stamp collecting..licking those yucky tasting stamps and placing them in our books until mom said we could look in the big book and pick out what we wanted. It was so exciting going over all the merchandise and deciding what we wanted.
Alas, as I said before, the only thing that survived was mom's shelf and I know she would never get rid of it. It has so many wonderful memories tied to it. It was a simple pleasure that me and my brother and sister shared together. I remember and treasure that memory.

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