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Friday, August 7, 2015

MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2009

A Gift, Mom and Chunkarella..That's Me!

I can't remember what Marshall and I were doing the day we received this lovely package from China. The paper was so colorful and shiny with ornamental designs on it. I thought, "Oh my gosh, it's fromLoida!". My husband's mouth formed an O. I was touched beyond belief. I've never met someone so thoughtful and so generous in all of my life (other than my mother and sisters). This is the second gift she and her family have sent to me. We are so humbled. I didn't even want to tear the lovely wrapping to see what was inside so we took a picture of it before we opened it. The wrapping is beautiful isn't it? In person, it has shiny silver designs on it.This is what was inside. A beautiful soft keepsake box with a a grouping of lovely rosesa lovely satin ribbon with a little pearl. It is the softest little box ever! Velvet pink, my favorite color.
And inside the box...a sweet smelling rose sachet with a gold ribbon tied in a sweet little bow! I showed off this box on a recent post during Shabby in City's Slumber Party.
I've put the sachet in my pantaloon drawer! Now when I open my drawer, I get a hint of soft rose petals and it just makes my day special because it makes me think of Loida and her sweet generousity. She has no idea that the gift came on a day when we needed a sign of human kindness. I marvel at her faith and her constant friendship that is there when I need it. I only hope that I am able to give her the friendship she so richly deserves. Bless you Loida and family.

Me, looking at my gift from Loida and trying to stop the tears of happiness. But then I said, "What the heck"....I'm gonna cry! So I did. For an hour. Okay, I'm all choked up again! Next!This is for all the ladies that emailed me about my dishware that I posted on March 7th's Pink Saturday. Yes, it's true. That rose pattern dishware did come from Goodwill. Here is the picture to prove it. I took the picture four days previous to my actually purchasing it. I left it behind that day and I cried because I didn't take it home with me. Then I looked at my budget and we decided that I couldn't live without them. I'm so glad that I went back and that they were still there waiting for me. Like I said before, they were packed and ready to head home.
This is the set I did leave behind. Yes, they were lovely but my budget did not allow for another set to join us. They had delicate roses with gold gilt trim and I believe the same count (20) pieces as the set I did get. I wish I could have bought them but sometimes you have to know when to give things up. I know there is another set waiting for me, somewhere out there....(Fievel singing)This picture I just took about two hours ago after I came home from work. It was inspired by Bonnie from One Designing Woman. Bonnie has been a confidante and an inspiring friend to me. She is really being so supportive in helping me in my weight loss before I have my second corneal transplant this summer. She was kind enough to introduce me to Weight Watcher leader Lanette, who is video taping her progress and her ideas for weight loss on You Tube. Yesterday, I visited my Bonnie and she had some lovely snaps of landscapes she sees on her way to work. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures because I kept invisioning myself being in that field of flowers, the farm simply must see her pictures. I have one of them on my sidebar and you can click on it and it will take you to that particular post. Anyway, I grabbed my digital cam and ventured outside to the kumquat (is that spelled correctly?) WAIT! (record scratching sound) is that a kumquat? Does anyone know? I could be lying! I obviously don't recognize the fruit on the tree! Whatever it is, it's beautiful and OH MY GOODNESS, the scent is so lovely and sweet. I wish you could get a whiff of it. When I walk to my car in the morning, I'm blown away by the fruity, citrusy scent. That is, when a dang skunk hasn't passed it's nasty smelled booty through our parking lot! Aaaugh! I call it skunk alley and it sure can make your hair stand on end! I really hate skunks! Skunks love San Antonio. Dang skunks.....

This is my mommy Rosa....LOL! I call her "Mother". She is my favorite person in the whole wide world. She came to see us this past weekend. My mom is sixty-six years old and I tell you, she gets around! She shops till she drops and still has energy to keep up with my brothers little boy, my nephew Etienne. She drives and flies everywhere by herself. When my dad can't get away from work, she jumps in her car or a plane and takes off to where ever she feels like going. It's six hours from Lubbock to San Antonio, and though I mega worry about her, I know that we cannot stop her. She is a type A personality and very independant. No one tells her what to do. She is the best mother ever. We grew up on a street where no one's parents ever divorced. Families were close knit but for some reason, our house was the Kool-Aid house. Everyone always made their way to our our home. Maybe because we had an awesome steel swing set but we found out long ago the reason why. My mother. Mom was good to everyone. She fed everybody, she played with us, she made sure that everyone always had something to drink. Our parents were fun parents and I guess the other kids on the block enjoyed that about them. Mom is the most generous and giving person. She was a teacher and she is recognized everywhere she goes. Both her and dad are very well known in Lubbock and I always get a giggle when we go back home and we hear kids or grown-up's shouting my parents names! There isn't anything that mom can't do. She's the best cook, sewer, storyteller, shoulder to lean on......that's mom. I always wanted to be a mom like her but it wasn't in God's plan for Marshall and I to have children of our own so I try to be the friend that she is to others. Sometimes I fail but I try. She has set a wonderful example of what a wife and mother should be. I love you Mother.
Here's a picture I took of Mom at the H-E-B on Saturday afternoon. We had a big barbeque at my sister Cyndi's house. My brother in-law Johnny cooked so much food that we were all stuffed by the end of the day! I can't resist hot links.....they are my weakness! I wish mom could have stayed longer but she takes care of Etienne (3 years old) during the day when my brother Joey and sister in-law Danielle work. When my niece Marissa graduates this June, she will be able to stay longer and I can't wait! We girls love to shop for purses!

Here I am, weighing myself and happy to report that I'm still losing weight. Nowadays, I don't look so much like Roseanne but hey, I think she's still pretty. She's had the right kind of plastic surgery. She did it the right way. Oh, I've never mentioned that Marshall and I resemble Dan and Roseanne Conner? We do! LOL! I mean, look at those fat, the ones on my face!Gee, after I lose all of my weight, maybe my neck will come out! I obviously forgot to put it on in this picture! Oh well, not bad for an almost fifty year old! I still have a ways to go but I'll get there! Laying off of those sodas has really helped and no BREAD! Bwaaah! It's so hard to eat soup and not have anything to sop up the liquid with. A spoon is no substitute for bread!
Well that was my weekend....It was emotional, fun and I ate a lot. Healthy that is. Okay, I confess. I ate a handful of M&M's...a small handful. I never went overboard! The scale does not lie.....(BIG FAT LIAR SCALE!)
Have a great weekend y'all!

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