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Friday, August 7, 2015


Welcome.....It's Never Too Late To Say It

Several days ago I tried to create a post, welcoming some wonderful bloggers who decided that my blog was worth following. Sadly, that post was deleted. I have been plagued by a virus and I've had to use other means of getting on my blog. My husband has been kind enough to let me use his laptop but I really don't want to rely on that. Hopefully with all the gadgets and gizmo's he's attached to my laptop it will work properly now. I won't hold my breath though..LOL!
I really just wanted to recognize you and get your blogs out there for others to enjoy. My apologies for not doing this in a timely manner! I have enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at your beautiful works. Welcome then..and thank you!
Helen at Living Boldly (wonderful lady and a great blogger. I love her pictures)
Karen Harvey Cox at A Scrapbook of Inspiration (finest artist and best blogger)
Judith at Judith's Quiet Moments and of Karmen's Tales (Judith is owned by my little friend Karmen)
Blondie at Blondie's Journal (a great hostess and a fun and sparkly gal)
Stevie at The Beautiful Outdoors (devoted dad and a craftsman)
Sweet Deena at Can I Be Pretty In Pink (She's a truly strong lady)

Dear Georgia at Grandma G's ( Oh to have all of her goodies from the past!)
Maya at Completely Coastal (a dream blog with inspiring decor ideas)
Sue at Beautiful Pear Tree Lane ( such a fine lady and has a dear sweet blog)
Sandy at Forbes Farm Gifts (one look at her creative jewely and you will fall in love)
Jenny at The Red Bulletin Board (a sweet blogger of life and some of the greatest graphics I've seen!)
Karen at Crystal Velvet Weddings (a bonanza of wedding ideas)
Erika at Miniatures (a creative young lady who makes charming roomboxes and has a hilarious doll friend named Angela. Angela is very bossy according to Erika but I find her incredibly funny!)
Linda at Lavender Ridge (a veritible quilt heaven and she is a devoted wife and grandmother)
Taz at Ratbag (funny and gregarious. She's a hoot!)
Mary at Isabella's Closet (her blog is a dream too look at and you will fall in love with her fabric creations!)
Deborah at A Vintage Life ( she is sweetly funny and wow, she takes some of the best pictures. She must have a sweet camera!)
Katherinellen at Welcome To Kat's Korner (she has to be one of the sweetest ladies in Blogger. She inspires me because to look at her blog and the things she does, does not speak of a woman who is legally blind. Her smile is worth a million dollars!)
I can assure you that visiting these people will put a big smile on your face and make your day even better!
I've tried to put the links on the blog names but I keep getting booted off the internet. You can find their links on my Blogging Beauties list. 

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