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Friday, March 16, 2012

Decorating My Table

It is so nice to go back in to my archives and try and duplicate how I decorated my table three years ago. I haven't bought anything new except for two little tiny rabbit tin buckets and a cute bunny coin purse at my HEB grocery store the other night. I'm trying to re-use everything that I have stored. Things are a bit tight around here so I'm trying to be frugal. I'm also more willing to buy from Etsy these days if I have a need for something unique instead of something that is mass made.
The sweet plates I purchased at Goodwill. I didn't buy them when I saw them. I couldn't stop thinking about them that night so my husband drove me out to GW the next day and I bought them. I love anything with pink roses!

The pale green tablecloth is one of my favorites but due to old age setting in, I can't remember where I bought it! That year, I had made a special dinner for Easter for my family and friends. Each person got a little bunny on their plate to take home. Even the men-folk were excited about their bunny!

I fell in love with this chick on the egg. When I purchased it, it was almost identical to a chick on a egg that one of my favorite altered artist blogger friend was making. I couldn't afford what she was asking so when I was at Ross, I saw it and grabbed it. I think I payed maybe like $5.00 for it.

I love plastic Easter eggs! Especially the pastel ones. I also have some plastic eggs that are very metallic looking which I love to mix with the other eggs I have. Gives it a little bling if you will! I have several apothecary jars so I try to use them on my table for various holidays. I once put Christmas ornaments in one and wound up breaking all the ornaments. I now put cinnamon and clove scented pine cones that I buy every year at Dollar General, with bits of pine needles and I leave the lid off. Smells great too!

I am making a trip tomorrow to one of my favorite vintage malls, Craftiques. In addition to having antiques and collectibles, they also have many stalls filled with vendors who sell handmade wares and decor. I want something in pink or aqua that is fancy, sparkly and glittery. They never let me down!

Well toodles for now. Mr. Timeless and I are busy unpacking those dreaded boxes in the garage. I found a purse that I hadn't seen in three years. I started packing for our move a year prior to us moving and have basically forgotten what I had packed so now, I'm getting a thrill every time we open up a box!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So Easter is almost here and yet St. Patrick's day is just around the corner! I have never celebrated St. Patrick's Day really but I recently read a post at Milli Fiori Favoriti about St. Patrick . Pat had some really fine photos (as she always does!) to go along with her words. She is such a fantastic blogger and if you have never visited her, you really should. She has been everywhere and I always thank her when she educates me about things I had no idea about. For instance, it is so easy to forget that St. Patrick was a real man. I'll let Pat's post educate you about him because it is a wonderful read and she just has a way with words. You will swoon when you see her photos.
About Easter, I just saw these today on Pinterest and of course my bunny loving self just about fell on the floor in a dead faint. I absolutely have to have these shoes. So determined am I, that I am about to go on a hunt down. The original pinner stated that they were out of stock but there might be other sites that carry the shoe. If nothing else, I will harangue the Le Bunny Bleu company until they have them in stock!

I have started to decorate my home with my Easter goodies. These photos are actually from a couple of years ago but my decor hasn't changed at all. I should be done decorating my little bitty dining room this weekend. I also fixed up an old bookshelf to house my extensive collection of milk glass and hobnail glassware and I think its going to look so sweet.

I hope you have as much fun as I am having in decorating your home for the Easter holiday. I just love pastel colors on my table. I have to make a scary trip into my garage later today to retrieve some china out of a box. Can you say forty-two boxes? Luckily I marked each box properly when we moved in 2010 so it should be fairly easy to find. I'm hoping! I have a bad habit of going in there for one thing and coming back into the house with something else in hand. Its like going to the grocery store for a gallon of milk and coming back home with sixty dollars worth of groceries and having your husband ask, "Sooooo, where's the milk?" In any case, I will be coming back out with a box of dishes. Period!


Monday, March 12, 2012

My Reysito

Aunt Banana with her boy Etienne in Lubbock Tx. December 30 2011

He belongs to my brother Joey and his wife Danielle. Danielle is French Canadian and she is teaching Etienne how to speak Spanish, English and French. He is my little hero. It was discovered early on that he had some motor skill issues along with some oral language skills which became much more obvious by the time he was two.

My family noticed Etienne was having problems stringing words together. He would not directly look in to your eyes but rather, would speak to you as he turned his face away from you. He grunted quite a bit but I think he may have gotten that from my mother! Our first thoughts were; autism. He is now six years old and doing so well developmentally. He rides horses which puts him in touch with his social and motor skills. He loves it when his physical therapist places him in a swing and slowly swings him in different directions. My sister in-law has always posted videos of our boy on You Tube so that we can see his progress as the months go by. I love this boy so much.

The reason he is my hero? His laugh can erase any heartache, his snuggles (rubbing his nose with yours) wipe away any tears that threaten to fall from your eyes, his hug (he will try and hug you from the widest part of your body - your hips) can make your heart sing. When I hear him say "Tia (aunt) Banana" I melt. He bestows his love on us when we see him and when those little skinny arms are outstretched in my direction, I hold him until he's had enough. He has no clue about the happiness he brings us everyday. He just knows that we love him for him. Because he's ours. Our Reysito (little King). Our Etienne.

Te quiero mucho mi Reysito
Tia Banana