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Saturday, December 28, 2013



Thanks For The Recipes


I am so excited today. My husband Marshall and I are staying tonight until Wednesday night at a romantic hotel. This will be my last post until next Monday so I want to wish all of you, a very Happy Thanksgiving. I will be stopping by your blogs tonight to wish you a great week. I am posting all recipes on DECEMBER DAYS, and what wonderful recipes you sent me by email. Even my friends from work that lurk came out and sent their secret recipes. Thank you Byisteal, Darraleigh, Mary, Farren and Veronica, who actually gave me her recipe for delicious oatmeal bars last year. She tried my first foray into baking with those dreaded oatmeal bars. She is polite about it....almost too sweetly quiet. Okay...I forgot the sugar....I forgot to put a lot of cinnamon and they were just plain bland. Poor Veronica! Even her son Gus tried them and he was a gentleman about it. Tasting them like a connoisseur, he told Veronica that yes, they were missing some key ingredients. "Not bad, but it needs sugar and cinnamon". Poor Gus. It's a year later and I hope my oatmeal bars are up to par with hers. She is a mighty fine baker!
Enjoy the recipes and please, feel free to send me anything you'd like me to post. Stuffing recipes, desserts and somebody please send me a good recipe for yeast rolls!
Happy cooking and baking,

Halloween Scare


Halloween and A Hair Raising Night!

I just can't believe that I have totally missed the Harvest Season....okay, Halloween. I haven't even been to the pumpkin patch yet. I have nothing in my apartment decorated for Halloween. No candy either! Okay, I ate all of it. I guess I will go tomorrow to the pumpkin patch at the church and buy a few pumpkins. I really have been so busy lately and I'm a little disappointed that I haven't put out my seasonal things. Oh well, there's always next year.
An hour later.........

Marshall (my husband) and I had a real scare just a while ago. We have sliding glass doors in our living room that lead out to our precious back patio and to the left of the doors is my laundry room. I had just put some clothes into my dryer and walked inside and we resumed watching one of our favorite shows when somebody started knocking at our Back door. That scared us because we do not even answer our Front door when we peek out of our peep hole and don't recognize them. Well, my husband got up and open the blinds a bit and saw a blond man turned facing our laundry room and was peeing on our patio. My husband unlocked the back door and yelled "Get out of here!" and Marshall said that his face was all blood shot and he zipped up his pants and started walking away and Marshall ran into the bed room and got a big golf club and ran outside to try and catch him. I called the police and the courtesy officer (luckily he is actually one of our city cops). Marshall was gone for a long time and I was mega worried. I called 911 again and I swear that the dispatch lady was so rude and seemed bored by the whole thing and I told her off. Can you believe that she actually told me that ."well, there is a shift change right now so we will get someone over there as soon as they come in. We live three blocks from the village police dept! I was so angry. Luckily Marshall came back and told me that he had spoken to the neighbor across from us and that he had been outside talking on the phone with his mother and had seen the man walk from our patio to the maintence man's apartment patio and was hiding in the bushes. He thought at first that maybe he knew somebody at our place and was trying to get someone's attention. Then he saw him turn and face our laundry room but couldn't tell what he was doing. When he saw Marshall go after him after a few seconds when he walked away from our porch and hid then he knew that no...something was wrong. I was so scared that Marshall would get hurt. 
Well, luckily the village police came and our courtesy cop as well and took our report and that of the neighbor. I still get the creeps when I think about it. I am also going tomorrow to the police department to file a complaint against the dispatch operator. She was so terrible and told me to "wait a minute" and started yakking to someone about some paperwork or something and here I am worried about my husband toting a golf club looking for a peeing idiot running amok! What is so sad is that for the five years that we have lived here we have always felt safe because it's a gated complex and we have never experienced crime here or anything. Our neighborhood is a relatively safe one and we are in a small valley tucked away in some beautiful oak trees. Even though we weren't burglerized or anything we still feel violated by it all. All I can do is pray.

Well I'm off to bed. I usually stay up till midnight ironing clothes whilst watching my fave show Everybody Loves Raymond. Now I'm to scared to sit in my own living room by myself. 


I'm Thinking About Turkey, Stuffing and Lots of Cranberry Sauce!


I'm Thinking About Turkey, Stuffing and Lot's of Cranberry Sauce!

Good grief, I can't believe that it's almost time for Thanksgiving. Marshall and I have been dieting for three months now and have lost a significant amount of weight. The true test will be on T-day when all the fixin's will be on the table ready for us go "gobble gobble" up. How will I ever be able to resist my own stuffing? Just thinking about the jellied cranberry sauce makes my mouth water! My poor sister Laurie once went to visit her in-laws in NY and they forget to get her some cans of cranberry sauce! The horror!!!!! What she must have endured the poor thing! 
I would like to invite you to share some of your special Thanksgiving recipes. I would love to try my hand at some of your favorites. I'm sure you all have some great one's lurking behind your oven mitt.
Deanna :)

Go Hide in a Corner


Go Hide In A Corner

My grandmother Ursula, had a Bessie Pease Gutmann print in her home and when I was about four or five she gave it to me. We had it in our home for many years and to this day, I cannot think of what happened to it. 

The sad thing about this story is that for many, many years I was under the illusion that this was a picture of me. I can't count the many times that my parents AND my grandmother (we called her "Welita") would tell me that the girl in the picture was of me. It wasn't until I was in junior high school that I went to the mall one day and lo' and behold, there I was in a store called Prints Plus. And Bessie Pease Gutmann had taken my picture! And it was called, In Disgrace! I started laughing and then felt sad for having been so silly and gullible! 

Anyway, I sort of felt like that little girl all week. I just had a really hard week and wanted to go stay in the corner with my dog...(I don't really have a dog but I can pretend can't I?) and sob away my frustrations. I'm so appreciative to you girls for wishing Marshall well. He is really starting to gain some strength back. I hate it when he's sick because it causes my world to go upside down. I don't like it when his voice sounds fragile. He's my world. My sweetie's parents are both long gone and he has no other family than my own. He considers my parents as his parents. My sisters are his sisters. My brother, his brother. He loves all of his nieces and nephews. Whether he liked it or not, I made him go to the emergency room yesterday because if anything happens to him....... :(

Well tomorrow I'm making a concentrated effort to make it a better week for us. I think I'll start again on my leaf wreath. I'm almost done cutting all the shapes and sizes of different leaves for it. That should divert my attention from last weeks yuk filled days.

Deanna :)


Popcorn At The Falcon's Game On Friday Leads My Husband To The Emergency Room

Well my husband and I spent this morning until 12:30 pm at the emergency room. Marsh has diverticulitis..(not sure if I spelled that correctly) and was in considerable pain Friday night after he ate popcorn at the game. He complained of more pain on Saturday and didn't sleep to well during the night. 

This morning I woke up around 7:50 a.m and he got up and went to sit in the living room. Luckily I had taken the day off today and I saw how miserable he looked and sounded so I whisked him off to the hospital emergency room. He got an IV with antibiotics since it had gotton infected. His poor tummy was hurting really bad. He got to take a ride in bed to the X-ray room and came back in ten minutes. His doctor came back to let us know that he would be okay. She did say that the popcorn had definately irritated him. He did however, almost have a heart attack when we got the prescription filled at Walgreens and found out how much his two prescriptions would! He's resting now (if you can call watching football resting) and should be up and around in a couple of days.
Deanna :)

Mom is Coming

I was so happy to learn that my mother Rosa is coming to visit us this weekend. It will be a long drive for her but she is unstoppable in her resolve to come visit her two daughters and two grandchildren. Oh, and the husbands too! She loves both. Yes, mom is driving from West Texas all the way down to South Central Texas. I worry about that woman but she is a strong lady and no one dares to tell her no. She will be staying here for two glorious weeks. I don't know if she can make it because she is not bringing Etienne, my brother Joey's son. She takes care of him everyday while my brother and sister in-law Danielle work. He is a pistol! She has him very spoiled.

My parents never had a chance to raise any of their grandchildren as both of my sisters were living in Alaska when the kids were born. Now my parents have two year old Etienne and I'm so happy that they have this chance to co-raise him with Joey and Dani. Laurie is in Alaska with her family and except for last year, mom has gone every summer to be with Mike and Laurie and the girls. 

July of 2008, God willing, we will all be together for my wedding. My husband and I are going re-take our vows in front of God. I have always wanted a church wedding. My father walked Cyndi and Laurie down the aisle and now he can walk his eldest daughter down the aisle. Marshall and I were married in Seward, Alaska by my sister Cyndi who was a Marriage Commissioner of Alaska. We were married in front of Exit Glacier which was a glorious background to our day. Now after much thought and consideration we have decided that we had to get married in chuch and have our union blessed by God. That has become very important to both of us. Getting involved in church activities is what we had been searching for all of our lives. I can't wait to start!
I'm starting my leaf wreath and botanical leaf frame pictures tonight. I have been feeling very crafty lately so I will try to take a picture of the Family Circle magazine picture of what it's supposed to look like. I'm sure my finished version will look like a first grader did it! : (

Marshall and Deanna at the Pumpkin Patch


Marshall And Deanna At The Pumpkin Patch

Hi there! Dear Hubby took me to a pumpkin patch on Wednesday. We had a ball strolling around all alone since we were there pretty early that morning and there was absolutely no one to be seen except for the church people who were there selling spiced apple cider and cinnamon pumpkin bread..oh, it was delish!

When we moved here seven years ago, I always used to pass the United Methodist Church on Tezel on my way to the grocery store and during the month of October, the church youth group helps to harvest the pumpkins and bring them to the grounds of the church yard and they set up the sweet pumpkin patch. I always wanted to stop but the years went by and I never did stop..

....until Marshall woke me up Wednesday morning and said, "I'm taking you to the pumpkin patch at the church." I was up in a flash, nevermind that I was having some eye pain. I raced to take a shower and put my numbing drops in to put my lenses on and we were out the door! Isn't the barn facade just sweet as it can be?

...........strolling around and trying to choose our pumpkins.

Do you think I have too many? Nah!!

White ones, green ones, neon orange ones....too many choices!

Here is where they set up the pricing guide. We took our pumpkins in these cute wagons and put them up against the ones they set up with the prices marked on them.

I fell in love with the white pumpkins...but I stopped in my tracks when I found some very large white pumpkins. Forty dollars was a little steep for one pumpkin so I found smaller white ones...much smaller!
Aren't these so funky...the long one on the right was fifty thank you!

We saw so many pumpkins with that strange dribble look to them. They look like candle drippings. I wonder how that effect happens on the pumpkin. I like them like that.

Cute little set up. From here we could smell the warmed spiced cider, which should have been iced cider as the humidity that day was waaay over the top. I started the day with straight hair and left with swirls and curls on my forhead. Darn that humidity!!

I guess people should come with a large wallet. I kept trying to avert Marshall's eyes from the prices by pointing him in the direction of the cinnamon pumpkin bread. It didn't work.

Yep, these are mine too! I love my white pumpkins.

Isn't this little vignette adorable?

Sweet pumpkin patch path. We stopped here and there to investigate all the pumpkins. Marshall had never seen the different types of pumpkins and honestly thought that orange, was the only color they came in. Well, now he knows better!

This was my favorite pumpkin in the patch. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was a fiery orange and you could see it a mile away. Alas, it was very pricey so I had to leave it behind.

Marshall wanted to take the tractor home but I made him put it down.

Marshall: "Why can't I buy the tractor?"
Me: "Where in tarnation are you going to put that tractor?"
Marshall: "Why do we have so many pumpkins?"
Me: Honey, would you like a cup of apple cider?"

Jack the guitarist was getting ready for a bus load of school kids. He was singing "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. It was sweet and with the setting we were in, was instantly a nostalgic moment for us.

After Jack finished his tender rendition of My Favorite Things, I spun around and saw this pretty calabaza (pumpkin in Spanish) and my heart stopped. "Can I have this one too?" I asked. I got the big stare. I set it down rather quickly. "Ha ha..I was just kidding" I said, hurting.

When I passed by the other day, the pumpkin patch was covered with pumpkins. Even though it was still quite full, I do know that from the time they opened two weeks ago, you coudn't see the ground in front where this cut-out pumpkin was sitting.

One last pumpkin for the road. A little one. I was smitten with it and it had those drippy bumpy doo-dads on it. By this time, Marshall and I were drenched and it was getting hotter as the morning progressed.

I wanted this one but HE said no more...drats!

We saw this extremely huge pumpkin standing by the tree but Marshall put his foot down on this particular one and said "Aucun citrouilles plus pour vous!" For once I agreed. That was one LARGE pumpkin! Where would we have put it?

One last stroll as we got ready to pay for our collection. We both didn't want to leave but oh, that humidity and the heat was hitting a high index. We were both panting as we loaded the car with our treasures.

I wanted the sign but I knew not to ask for another thing..hahahaha!

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you all have a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN!!


Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween!

I'm so excited today! It's our first Halloween in our new home and we are ready to start handing out the delicious candy! Isn't my candy bucket adorable? I couldn't leave it behind. I was just going to use one of my plastic bowls but when I got to the grocery store there were so many cute candy buckets to choose from so I had to have one of course!

I'm staying away from all of the candy for health purposes but that doesn't mean Mr. Timeless Things won't partake of a few goodies! I bought him a separate bag of peanut M&M's and he is currently sitting in his recliner, watching Tampa Bay play Arizona. He's also doing his Fantasy Football thing-y which I don't understand at all but he enjoys it along with his 100 buddies!

I wish I could have one but I'm going to be a good girl!

We interrupt this post for this brief message. This photo, Marshall took of me when we were at the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. His photos of me usually include my backside. My front side is insulted! We now resume with our program....

I bought this today at Goodwill for .10 cents! What a deal huh?

The other day I went to Wal-Mart and found this sweet homespun for my kitchen table. As I had said before, I couldn't afford a fancy holiday tablecloth so when I saw that they had bolts of material for a $1.00 a yard, I couldn't resist.

I'm going to have to figure out why I some pics come out this way..Bwah hahahahahha!! Well, I know you will have no problem reading it..hahahahaha!!

Here is my table with the homespun and my favorite peacock placemats. I turned two of them upside down. I like them with the solid color up for the cloth. I had left the back two with the peacock feathers side up so I could decide which way I wanted. I'll leave them down with the solid maroon and green for today. All the little decorations I bought today at Goodwill. Everything was .10 cents! The centerpiece is the one I made earlier in the week with a limited budget. Not a big centerpiece but it works for me!

Well, here I sit trying to cook dinner for me and Marshall and kids are coming in droves up my sidewalk. Toodles for now and have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ... I started this post at 5:34 p.m. when the kids started coming and now it's 7:28 p.m. and I'm out of candy!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? Time to turn out the candles in the pumpkins outside and shut my door. How sad!!

Toodles again,
Deanna Frankenstein