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Friday, December 27, 2013

Feeling Good

Feeling like a little girl today. I have the sliding glass doors to the backyard open and the San Antonio air is nice with a cool breeze blowing inside. I'm looking past our greenbelt to the subdivision across the way. It's such a nice view and since we are on a cliff side, we get to see the rooftops of some of the houses.

Lately, our favorite thing to do in the afternoon is to watch the enormous US flag that is atop a thirty foot pole in front of the first house that was the model home for that subdivision. It flutters so beautifully as if in slow motion or when there is a good breeze like today, flies straight out so mighty and brave. We never get tired of looking at that flag. It's nice to not have a living soul behind us to mar the view. It's like being out in the country but not.

Poor Marshall has been sick with the crud and mom and I are slathering him up with Vicks Vapor Rub and making sure he's only eating broth and drinking plenty of water. His poor ribs are aching from that nasty cough and poor mother is just barely getting over her terrible cold herself. It's nice to
have her here taking care of us but I try to keep my distance from both of them as I do not want anything to happen to my eyes. No pink eye or irritation for me thank you very much! My chest is starting to feel "cottoney" as if I have some of that yucky stuff in there. Blah!

Anyway, about feeling like a little girl, I have an enormous tank of energy and I guess because of the past five months of being so depressed about my eyes, I want to run barefoot in a field of wildflowers, jump on a trampoline, roller skate without killing myself and I want to go ride horses again. I want to grow some tomatoes, plant some peonies and can some fruit preserves. I want to finish decorating my guest room, post my "I didn't finish decorating for Christmas this year due to my eyes making me want to jump off a cliff" pictures. I have a ton of unfinished projects that I am ready to tackle with renewed fervor. Last week was the first full week that my house was extremely clean without any of my silly clutter. Like my dear friend Bonnie said, and I quote;

"I love order in my life. The gift of organization is one that is almost a self made gift because it requires continual work but the desire for it, is a gift. To have order is a spiritual gift because sometimes without it, you cannot see beyond your mess long enough to progress."

This is so true Bonnie dear. Aren't we all happier when we can come home and not have to do housework because we took the time to do it before bed the night before? I can play today....I did my housework last night! Okay, mom did it. I cannot tell a lie.

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