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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Floral Display


Mrs. Timeless and the Floral Display

Mr. Timeless and I went to Wal-Mart two days ago. As soon as we walked in, my eyes went directly to this awesome floral arrangement. It was perched above the deli sandwiches fridge and I thought "Oh my gosh!! I must have it!" I grabbed my husband's Iphone and started snapping away. Can you see Mr. Timeless in the above photo and the one directly below? He had run away because he knew what was coming......
I love that dangling orange leaves piece. It gives it such an airy look and my mind was click, click, clicking away as to how I was going to wheedle Mr. Timeless for this arrangement. I called him over. "Haaaayyyy, sweetieeeee. Look what I found. Isn't it purdy...huhhhhhh?" I batted those eyelashes in a flirtatious manner and was excited when he leaned over as if to grab it and I thought.."Wow, he's really going to get it for me!" Bliss, happiness!
He turned it around and pointed to a sticker at the bottom of the vase. "Take a picture of that" he said. My eyes went BOIIIIING!!!! Dang! No amount of eyelash batting or public flirting with my man was going to make him take out the plastic and fork over eighty bucks for fake flowers!
How cruel, how unfair! Whoever made this arrangement to taunt me will pay!!! Mr. Timeless clearly could see that I was really unhappy not to have this coming home with me. There was some pouting, some sniffles, two downcast eyes....."That's okay" I said. "I'll make do with other baubles and doo-dads." I waved a forlorn goodbye to the flower arrangement.
The after Halloween specials for $2.00. Yay.
They were cute. The candy, a few of my favorites. But I guess he forgot that I can't eat sugar. Flowers are sugar-free. I guess he forgot that too!


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