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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hays Street Bridge


Repost From October 17th. Hays Street Bridge

Making our days together count. Marshall took me to the Hays Street Bridge. It was something I had wanted to see this summer when it was renovated. He surprised me. He was loving and gentle that day. He doesn't want me to go blind. I understand that. Our relationship has shifted. He is my rock.

The neighborhood is seedy but we didn't notice that until we left. We were in Wonderland.

It was early and the sky so blue. I had to wear my special glasses. I couldn't see much but oh how glorious the air was! Birds chirping and a train went right underneath our feet. Marshall held on to me as we leaned over to view the train. If I had been wearing a pleated white dress I could have played Marilyn Monroe. The wind it created made us sway back and forth.

He was thoughtful and quiet. Snapped many photos of me. I didn't know that until we got home. I usually have to beg him to take a photo of me!

The bridge is so beautiful. Peaceful. We were the only one's on the bridge that morning. It was magical!

I took this picture but to be honest, I was surprised that I snapped what I was aiming for. I didn't want him to help me because I wanted to do it on my own. Aren't the train car metal cutouts adorable!

Taken by Marshall. I was feeling like the "Queen of the World!" and I was singing a song, minding my own business. The cool crisp air making my hair blow and I was soaking up the memory of this beautiful day.

I took this one as well but I surely could not see if I was getting the Tower at all. I trusted my instinct and snapped away. I laugh now because I did take a few pics of the sky a few times!
Hi everyone, this is a re-post from my Girl About Town blog. My dear friend JoJo wanted me to post this on Timeless Things because she felt that a lot of healing has happened since I posted this on October 17th. I was not in a good place during the months of September and October. You could say that some desperation had set in. I was in constant and severe eye pain for two and a half months and it definitely took a toll on me. Losing your sight is not something that we ever contemplate but yes, some damage did occur to my right cornea which makes me utterly sad because it's a transplant cornea. I did everything in my power to protect that cornea for two years. An attack of severe Rosacea got to it. It went all over my face, underneath my eyelids and created scabbing over both eyes. Click link for more info:

The angel that departed this earth and left that part of himself to be donated, will never know how much I treasured his gift. I am so sorry. I thank him everyday of my life for that gift. Will his family ever know how much I think about him? Well I do think about him and when the day comes that I see him at the Gates of Heaven, I will tell him "Thank you for giving me a chance at having better vision."

I wanted to lose hope many times but that would be betraying my Lord and I must have faith that my eyes will be healed in due course. We pray that He will give us strength to carry on if it is His will to make me lose my sight. I just wanted the pain to go away. I have peace of mind now. In the words of my favorite Christian singer, Jami Smith; "and when this life is over, I will be free from pain."

I can wait until he's ready for me!

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