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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thrift Shop Tuesday


Thrift Shop Tuesday

Hi friends! I've got some sweet goodies and a few came from two very special family members. I love my shopping excursions and have been thrift store shopping like mad for my guest room. I'm sure it's going to look crammed with all the things I've bought but Mr. Timeless says for me to buy what I please. I think he's still feeling very protective of me and my eye situation..not that I'm taking advantage of that but he tells me that life is too short and he gets a lot of pleasure seeing me unwrap my goodies when I come home from a day of thrift shopping.

First up is the sweet little bunny that I found at Goodwill for .99 cents. I now have three of these little cuties. The white and yellow bunnies are still packed up and I was so excited to find this one. I'm not sure what these are called but they have a plastic body and they are covered with a fuzzy type of fabric (like a buzz cut) on them. Not sure how old it is but it was in great condition. I've passed up quite a few because sometimes their bodies are dented or the fuzz is rubbed off in places. This one is perfect!

Isn't she a little cutie? Yep, she's going in my guest room. I might place her on my new shelf that I bought on this shopping trip.

I have never spent this much money at Goodwill for one item. It's a ceramic tissue cover with roses and I just had to have it! It will go in my guest room for sure! My dad can get in touch with his girly side when he needs to blow his nose! My dad is going to be so surprised when he sees "his" room on his next visit to San Antonio. I'm actually doing this for my mother. I think she deserves the most girliest room on earth when she visits! I laugh when I think of poor dad snuggled underneath my pink quilt and frilly!

I saw this vase and I was a goner! I would love to plant some roses in my back yard but since I have a black thumb, I don't see that happening anytime soon! If I could grow some in the Spring, then I could place them in this vase. I didn't even look at the price tag when I put it in my cart. It must have been less than I thought because I only spent eleven dollars that day.

This darling shelf was hiding behind some Christmas ornaments and I dug it out and thought it was perfect to place some of my nursery planters. Can you believe it was only $2.00!

I don't even have to shabby it up at all. It's got dents and dings galore!

My precious sister Cyndi went shopping the other day and called me on my cell and said, "Sister Sledge, get your buns over here pronto. I have some treasures for you." Vrooooom! I sped the one mile to her house, brakes screeching when I parked in the driveway. She handed me the bag from Salvation Army and I pulled out this sweet little ceramic jewelry keeper. It has two cute angels on the top and I could already envision it on my little side table in the guest room. She is such a dear for always thinking of me!

I saw this frame and grabbed it because on one of my shopping trips with my sweet Patricia (Vintage Linen Treasures) I had purchased two frames exactly like this one. I quickly envisioned the three frames being hung above the bed in the guest room. The print inside will come out and be replaced with.....
.....a photo of my Reysito (little King, in Spanish. He's called that by our entire family.) Etienne is my five year old nephew, the son of my brother Joey and sister in-law Danielle. He lives in Lubbock and two weeks ago we had the pleasure of having them stay with us for an entire week. It was such a joy having our boy here especially during that week because I was having a very hard time with my eyes and he just made each day so much brighter and he unknowingly lifted my spirits. He loves to "snuggle" (rub noses) and give besitos (kisses). He is such a loving little boy and the apple of everyone's eye. Here, he is dressed in my other nephew Abram's clothes that my sister Cyndi bought way back in 1999 when Abram himself was five. I should have posted Abram's photo so you could have seen how much they look alike. I plan to silver leaf the frame so hopefully it will look better than that horrible gold color!

Out of sequence but this is the other gift my sister had for me the the day I raced over to her house. I tell you, she spoils me so! This cute little bloomer planter was only .49 cents. Good bargain Sister Sledge!

Okay, how many of you adore thrift store paintings? I love them and try to find as many as I can. I have quite a collection of floral paintings and a handful of Paint By Numbers paintings. This one whistled at me as I passed by and said, "Hey Chunkarella, take me home!" So I did! I wonder who painted this and where that person may be now. I am going to take it to Hobby Lobby and have them frame the painting

Last but not least, this precious print which I have been wanting for years came courtesy of my Aunt Hope. She found it at an estate sale and purchased this and one of a little boy. It's a large framed print and I just about passed out when my parents sent it to me. I jumped for joy and called my aunt to tell her how much I adored it and to thank her for thinking of me. She is so sweet and thoughtful!

I am going to paint my dining room this weekend so I will hang it up for you to see some time next week. The frame is quite large so it will look marvelous on the wall in the dining room. I can't stop looking at it! I am one lucky lady to have a generous and thoughtful family.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my timeless things! Come back and see me soon!


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