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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Go Hide in a Corner


Go Hide In A Corner

My grandmother Ursula, had a Bessie Pease Gutmann print in her home and when I was about four or five she gave it to me. We had it in our home for many years and to this day, I cannot think of what happened to it. 

The sad thing about this story is that for many, many years I was under the illusion that this was a picture of me. I can't count the many times that my parents AND my grandmother (we called her "Welita") would tell me that the girl in the picture was of me. It wasn't until I was in junior high school that I went to the mall one day and lo' and behold, there I was in a store called Prints Plus. And Bessie Pease Gutmann had taken my picture! And it was called, In Disgrace! I started laughing and then felt sad for having been so silly and gullible! 

Anyway, I sort of felt like that little girl all week. I just had a really hard week and wanted to go stay in the corner with my dog...(I don't really have a dog but I can pretend can't I?) and sob away my frustrations. I'm so appreciative to you girls for wishing Marshall well. He is really starting to gain some strength back. I hate it when he's sick because it causes my world to go upside down. I don't like it when his voice sounds fragile. He's my world. My sweetie's parents are both long gone and he has no other family than my own. He considers my parents as his parents. My sisters are his sisters. My brother, his brother. He loves all of his nieces and nephews. Whether he liked it or not, I made him go to the emergency room yesterday because if anything happens to him....... :(

Well tomorrow I'm making a concentrated effort to make it a better week for us. I think I'll start again on my leaf wreath. I'm almost done cutting all the shapes and sizes of different leaves for it. That should divert my attention from last weeks yuk filled days.

Deanna :)

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