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Saturday, December 28, 2013


My darling sister Laurie (momof2roses) has tagged me to make a list of 7 Random Things that You Don't Know About Me. Wow sis, this is kind of hard. I'll give it a go.

1. I used to rescue the poor kids at school that were getting beat up. I was a very shy girl but I couldn't stand when bullies would pick on the meek. I knew how to pack a punch. My career as Wonder Woman finally ended in the ninth grade. I was too busy with my boyfriend Michael Chavez.

2. I once had to give my self the Heimlich manuver. I was choking on a hot dog and I drove my fist into my thoracic diaphragm(pardon my French) and the weiner came flying out. I saw stars for ten minutes.

3. Along with my sister Laurie (momof2roses), I too made commercials with my dad at his radio station.

4. I LOVE FIG NEWTONS. I WANT TO BE MRS. FIG NEWTON, HAVE LITTLE FIGGIES AND LIVE IN FIGLAND U.S.A. My husband is jealous of my passion for Fig Newtons. Fig Newtons has such a mesmerizing scent and the yellow wrapper packet sends chills up and down my spine. It's cakey softness is enough to drive me insane....AHHHH Nirvana!

5. Did I mention that I love Fig Newtons? Okay so I did. Another thing about me is that I love to smell tires. When I go to Target or Walmart I make a special trip to the automotive section and sniff the tire aisle.

6. I once drove with a pal to Albuquerque N.M from Lubbock TX to visit a friend without telling anyone. I was 19 but I still lived at home and my dad was strict with us. Of course now we laugh at all of our antics. Times were not dangerous like they are now.

7. I really hate putting my hands in dirty dishwater. I hate washing dishes at other people's homes. I will dry your dishes, sweep your floor, wipe your counters, clean your stovetop and mop but I WILL NOT WASH YOUR DISHES! hahahahahaahha!

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