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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Marshall and Deanna at the Pumpkin Patch


Marshall And Deanna At The Pumpkin Patch

Hi there! Dear Hubby took me to a pumpkin patch on Wednesday. We had a ball strolling around all alone since we were there pretty early that morning and there was absolutely no one to be seen except for the church people who were there selling spiced apple cider and cinnamon pumpkin bread..oh, it was delish!

When we moved here seven years ago, I always used to pass the United Methodist Church on Tezel on my way to the grocery store and during the month of October, the church youth group helps to harvest the pumpkins and bring them to the grounds of the church yard and they set up the sweet pumpkin patch. I always wanted to stop but the years went by and I never did stop..

....until Marshall woke me up Wednesday morning and said, "I'm taking you to the pumpkin patch at the church." I was up in a flash, nevermind that I was having some eye pain. I raced to take a shower and put my numbing drops in to put my lenses on and we were out the door! Isn't the barn facade just sweet as it can be?

...........strolling around and trying to choose our pumpkins.

Do you think I have too many? Nah!!

White ones, green ones, neon orange ones....too many choices!

Here is where they set up the pricing guide. We took our pumpkins in these cute wagons and put them up against the ones they set up with the prices marked on them.

I fell in love with the white pumpkins...but I stopped in my tracks when I found some very large white pumpkins. Forty dollars was a little steep for one pumpkin so I found smaller white ones...much smaller!
Aren't these so funky...the long one on the right was fifty thank you!

We saw so many pumpkins with that strange dribble look to them. They look like candle drippings. I wonder how that effect happens on the pumpkin. I like them like that.

Cute little set up. From here we could smell the warmed spiced cider, which should have been iced cider as the humidity that day was waaay over the top. I started the day with straight hair and left with swirls and curls on my forhead. Darn that humidity!!

I guess people should come with a large wallet. I kept trying to avert Marshall's eyes from the prices by pointing him in the direction of the cinnamon pumpkin bread. It didn't work.

Yep, these are mine too! I love my white pumpkins.

Isn't this little vignette adorable?

Sweet pumpkin patch path. We stopped here and there to investigate all the pumpkins. Marshall had never seen the different types of pumpkins and honestly thought that orange, was the only color they came in. Well, now he knows better!

This was my favorite pumpkin in the patch. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was a fiery orange and you could see it a mile away. Alas, it was very pricey so I had to leave it behind.

Marshall wanted to take the tractor home but I made him put it down.

Marshall: "Why can't I buy the tractor?"
Me: "Where in tarnation are you going to put that tractor?"
Marshall: "Why do we have so many pumpkins?"
Me: Honey, would you like a cup of apple cider?"

Jack the guitarist was getting ready for a bus load of school kids. He was singing "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. It was sweet and with the setting we were in, was instantly a nostalgic moment for us.

After Jack finished his tender rendition of My Favorite Things, I spun around and saw this pretty calabaza (pumpkin in Spanish) and my heart stopped. "Can I have this one too?" I asked. I got the big stare. I set it down rather quickly. "Ha ha..I was just kidding" I said, hurting.

When I passed by the other day, the pumpkin patch was covered with pumpkins. Even though it was still quite full, I do know that from the time they opened two weeks ago, you coudn't see the ground in front where this cut-out pumpkin was sitting.

One last pumpkin for the road. A little one. I was smitten with it and it had those drippy bumpy doo-dads on it. By this time, Marshall and I were drenched and it was getting hotter as the morning progressed.

I wanted this one but HE said no more...drats!

We saw this extremely huge pumpkin standing by the tree but Marshall put his foot down on this particular one and said "Aucun citrouilles plus pour vous!" For once I agreed. That was one LARGE pumpkin! Where would we have put it?

One last stroll as we got ready to pay for our collection. We both didn't want to leave but oh, that humidity and the heat was hitting a high index. We were both panting as we loaded the car with our treasures.

I wanted the sign but I knew not to ask for another thing..hahahaha!

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you all have a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN!!


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