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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mom is Coming

I was so happy to learn that my mother Rosa is coming to visit us this weekend. It will be a long drive for her but she is unstoppable in her resolve to come visit her two daughters and two grandchildren. Oh, and the husbands too! She loves both. Yes, mom is driving from West Texas all the way down to South Central Texas. I worry about that woman but she is a strong lady and no one dares to tell her no. She will be staying here for two glorious weeks. I don't know if she can make it because she is not bringing Etienne, my brother Joey's son. She takes care of him everyday while my brother and sister in-law Danielle work. He is a pistol! She has him very spoiled.

My parents never had a chance to raise any of their grandchildren as both of my sisters were living in Alaska when the kids were born. Now my parents have two year old Etienne and I'm so happy that they have this chance to co-raise him with Joey and Dani. Laurie is in Alaska with her family and except for last year, mom has gone every summer to be with Mike and Laurie and the girls. 

July of 2008, God willing, we will all be together for my wedding. My husband and I are going re-take our vows in front of God. I have always wanted a church wedding. My father walked Cyndi and Laurie down the aisle and now he can walk his eldest daughter down the aisle. Marshall and I were married in Seward, Alaska by my sister Cyndi who was a Marriage Commissioner of Alaska. We were married in front of Exit Glacier which was a glorious background to our day. Now after much thought and consideration we have decided that we had to get married in chuch and have our union blessed by God. That has become very important to both of us. Getting involved in church activities is what we had been searching for all of our lives. I can't wait to start!
I'm starting my leaf wreath and botanical leaf frame pictures tonight. I have been feeling very crafty lately so I will try to take a picture of the Family Circle magazine picture of what it's supposed to look like. I'm sure my finished version will look like a first grader did it! : (

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