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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Halloween Scare


Halloween and A Hair Raising Night!

I just can't believe that I have totally missed the Harvest Season....okay, Halloween. I haven't even been to the pumpkin patch yet. I have nothing in my apartment decorated for Halloween. No candy either! Okay, I ate all of it. I guess I will go tomorrow to the pumpkin patch at the church and buy a few pumpkins. I really have been so busy lately and I'm a little disappointed that I haven't put out my seasonal things. Oh well, there's always next year.
An hour later.........

Marshall (my husband) and I had a real scare just a while ago. We have sliding glass doors in our living room that lead out to our precious back patio and to the left of the doors is my laundry room. I had just put some clothes into my dryer and walked inside and we resumed watching one of our favorite shows when somebody started knocking at our Back door. That scared us because we do not even answer our Front door when we peek out of our peep hole and don't recognize them. Well, my husband got up and open the blinds a bit and saw a blond man turned facing our laundry room and was peeing on our patio. My husband unlocked the back door and yelled "Get out of here!" and Marshall said that his face was all blood shot and he zipped up his pants and started walking away and Marshall ran into the bed room and got a big golf club and ran outside to try and catch him. I called the police and the courtesy officer (luckily he is actually one of our city cops). Marshall was gone for a long time and I was mega worried. I called 911 again and I swear that the dispatch lady was so rude and seemed bored by the whole thing and I told her off. Can you believe that she actually told me that ."well, there is a shift change right now so we will get someone over there as soon as they come in. We live three blocks from the village police dept! I was so angry. Luckily Marshall came back and told me that he had spoken to the neighbor across from us and that he had been outside talking on the phone with his mother and had seen the man walk from our patio to the maintence man's apartment patio and was hiding in the bushes. He thought at first that maybe he knew somebody at our place and was trying to get someone's attention. Then he saw him turn and face our laundry room but couldn't tell what he was doing. When he saw Marshall go after him after a few seconds when he walked away from our porch and hid then he knew that no...something was wrong. I was so scared that Marshall would get hurt. 
Well, luckily the village police came and our courtesy cop as well and took our report and that of the neighbor. I still get the creeps when I think about it. I am also going tomorrow to the police department to file a complaint against the dispatch operator. She was so terrible and told me to "wait a minute" and started yakking to someone about some paperwork or something and here I am worried about my husband toting a golf club looking for a peeing idiot running amok! What is so sad is that for the five years that we have lived here we have always felt safe because it's a gated complex and we have never experienced crime here or anything. Our neighborhood is a relatively safe one and we are in a small valley tucked away in some beautiful oak trees. Even though we weren't burglerized or anything we still feel violated by it all. All I can do is pray.

Well I'm off to bed. I usually stay up till midnight ironing clothes whilst watching my fave show Everybody Loves Raymond. Now I'm to scared to sit in my own living room by myself. 


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