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Saturday, December 28, 2013



Your Grace Is Sufficient

(something pretty for a very ugly three days)

Have had a few rough days (and I'll admit, lot's of tears) with my eyes. I found out on Friday that my left eye is sporting an ulcer on the bottom half of my cornea. Fun. No pain there but the right eye is still not healing properly and has been the main cause for the pain I go through everyday. I have some drops from Hell (please forgive me but I'm just not feeling cordial tonight) and once inserted, I start crying. It's been really hard on my husband and we had a difficult Sunday with the two of us ending up in tears.

We went to see my surgeon this afternoon (two long hours) and we are on step 3 of trying to rescue the graft in the right eye. He decided that if in the next three weeks, if the pain and the decreased vision, halo and haze has not changed, then he will take steps to make eye drops from my blood. This was something that Marshall and I had no idea that could be done but medical science is constantly surprising us. I am just praying that it doesn't need to go that far.

Tomorrow, Marshall is taking me to Lost Maples State Natural Area in Vanderpool. The maple trees have changed colors (they change at the first freeze of the year) so he wanted to take me as I have always wanted to see the trees with all their glorious fall color. I hope I have a good eye day tomorrow but if not, a blur or oranges and reds will do me.

When my soul is heavy You will lift me up;
Lord, You are my refuge and my portion.
So, let the morning bring word... of Your unfailing love;
Listen to my cry, I’m in desperate need.
Your grace is sufficient, Your grace is sufficient,
Your grace is sufficient for me.

If I rise up in the morning and if I run away,
Even there Your hand will guide me, You will hold me.
Though I walk through times of struggle,
Even still You hold my life and with Your right hand save me,
O Your love endures.

Your grace is sufficient, Your grace is sufficient,
Your grace is sufficient.... for me.

And if I boast at all, I boast in my own faults,
I’ll sing this song my whole life long!
That this enduring fight will be my one delight,
For when I’m weak You are made strong!

Your grace is sufficient, Your grace is sufficient,
Your grace is sufficient.... for me

A lovely song sent to me from my cousin Doreen. Jami Smith is the artist who sings it but unfortunately, You Tube does not have a video of the song. Thanks Doreen. I sing this every morning and I try to remember the meaning of the song when the day starts to turn upside down. Love you with all of my heart.

I want to thank you, Blogger friends, for all the prayers and sweet little emails that you caring ladies have sent me. They certainly make these days a little easier for me. I cherish each and every word.


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