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Friday, August 7, 2015


Pink Saturday Is Packed With Fun!

Welcome to Beverly's Pink Saturday! It's always such a pleasure to participate and visit everyone's delightful blogs. If you would like to join in on the PINK fun, visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. This week has been such a downer for me as I had a virus attack my laptop and I was ready to pull my hair out. It's still not going very well but at least I am able to post something today although I keep getting errors and such. Plus, I can't stand what blogger has done to the Followers list. It's so icky looking...AAAUGH! I'd better hurry up and finish this post before I get booted off for the millionth time. Thanks Beverly for hosting such a fun Pink event for us! I look forward to each Saturday with eagerness. Have fun everyone! 
Here I am, in my beautiful fantasy PINK Cottage

sitting in my beautiful fantasy PINK kitchen 
when suddenly, a PINK light bulb in my brain flashed!

I was in the midst of packing some items for my sister Laurie and her family in Alaska (the packing has taken over a month as I am a great procrastinator) and I thought..Wow! how fun would it be to Pack in Pink! Isn't this pick tape just great? So vibrant and yes....PINK!

And what lady wouldn't want her pretty Pink tape in a lovely Pink tape dispenser? 

Need to pack pretty breakables but afraid they might...well...break? HERE'S your answer! Some softPINK packing peanuts. You might not finish packing because of the hours of fun you'll have playing with them!

PINK peanuts not the thing for you? I are a PINK bubble wrap person! Oh, the hours of sheer fun you will have packing and popping away to your heart's content. Just remember, you are ALLOWED to pinch the bubble wrap in my fantasy world! Jumbo packs are available so stock up and invite your friends over for a PINK BUBBLE WRAP POPPING PALOOZA! 

I love PINK tissue paper, so shiny and soooo crumpable! Try making some pretty PINK crumply softballs and toss them at your sweetie for some really fun shenanigans! can also use tissue paper to wrap PINK pretties in and tie with a sweetPINK bow. Tissue is also great for stuffing into glassware and filling out boxes! 

Who doesn't love a sweet PINK envelope with a sweetPINK message in it? 
Ready to stamp? The options are boundless! I prefer a PINK stamp on my packages or letters. 

PINK dots on a cardboard box! Now you can really pack your pretties in PINK style! 

Now we are all PINK packed, PINK taped, PINKbubble wrapped, PINK peanut-ed, PINK tissue stuffed, PINK stamped and ready to head to the Post Office! Ooooooh...look at the sweet PINK U.S. Post Office I conjured up! Our fantasy PINK package is ready to be shipped off to somewhere fun and PINK!
Hope everyone has a great PInk Saturday!

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