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Friday, August 7, 2015


Pink Saturday!

(Sun. Feb. 22: My laptop is messed up so I have to figure out how not to monopolize my husband's laptop. I promise I will finish commenting on your lovely Pink Saturday posts tomorrow and Tuesday.)

Wow, it's time again for another Glorious PinkSaturday! There have been so many wonderful ladies joining in the fun and even though the list is getting longer, I have still been able to visit every single blog! It's just wonderful looking at everyone's Pink Posts. Who knew that we could have so much Pink to share? Please visit sweet Beverly at How Sweet The Sound so you can check out the other Pink Saturdayposts. Thank you Beverly, for all the hard work that you do in putting this wonderful Saturday together for us. We appreciate you! Pink Hugs!
I got to looking at some ad's the other day and found some wonderful vacation spots for a Fantasy Pinkgetaway for me and Mr. Timeless Things. Where to go? Should we try a Bed and Breakfast? A fancy hotel. An island getaway? Stay and home and shut the phones and laptops off? Hmmmm...then I thought, "how do we get there". I fantasized about this........................
I could turn myself into Glinda and Mr. Timeless Things and I could travel in a Pink Bubble to our destination! Nah, I'd feel too confined in a PinkBubble. Besides, I don't look like a Glinda.Oh by the way, my mother and father named me after sugary sweet Deanna Durbin. Of course, I have watched all of her films and I'm glad I was named after her. Doesn't she look sweet in her Pink skirt and top with Pink flowers?

DEANNA AIRLINES! That's the ticket! Mr. Timeless Things and I could travel in my own Pink Boeing 767 and fly to our destination! Oops, I can't fly an airplane! Scrap that!Next I fantasized about a Pink helicopter? With my initial D yet! Oops, Mr. Timeless Things just informed me that he can't fly a helicopter either. Hmmmm....however will we get to our romantic getaway? Surely we can think of something!How about if we went by sailboat? What a lovely sail wouldn't you say? So Pink and wow, it has my name on it! I fantasize really well don't I? Mr. Timeless Things just burst my bubble. We are not near an ocean so sailing is out. I'll have to do some more heavy fantasizing.............Ohhhh, Mr. Timeless Things! We finally got it right. A Pink Hummer Limo! That's how we will get to our destination! I'll wear my best Pink dress and high heels with my Pink silk gloves!Some Pink diamonds would look really great on my fingers don't you think so too Mr. Timeless Things? A girl can fantasize can't she?
What a lovely fantasy to be able to stay at a Vineyard Resort where you can eat Pink grapes!Oh look, our names are on the wall of our PinkFantasy Hotel room! How sweet. This is my dream bedroom and to share it with my sweetie would be heaven! What a wonderful Pink Fantasy trip that was! I'll have to do it again soon! Next time we will get to our destination in a Pink Hot Air Balloon!
Have a great Pink Saturday everyone!

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