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Friday, August 7, 2015


My Flea Market Goodies

I accidentally deleted these pics when we got back from the talent show. I was typing and somehow, I highlighted the pics and hit backspace and they disappeared! I am always and forever doing that! It's so annoying..LOL. Anyhoo, it's murder trying to get those snaps back down where they belong so I'm just plunking them here!
Isn't the artwork magnificent? I wish we could find more of this kind of card in stores. I know it's being re-created by some wonderfully talented ladies over at the Etsy shops and at Lollishops. I wish I had half of their talent! I hope to find more cards like this.
So there we were, driving down I-10 heading out towards Moursand Rd. Flea Market, which is on the other side of town from where we live and my husband, who had gone the previous week with a friend, told me that he was taking me to the flea market he and his friend Mike and gone to a week ago. We have several flea markets here in S.A. but most of them are disappointing. A lot of people in those other flea markets are set up like little stores and sell things like medicine, beauty products, tools, more little general stores. I was all excited because my husband Marshall told me that this flea market was just like the ones my mom used to take us to when we were little. We got there and my gosh was it large. It was acres and acres large! We walked in and by gosh, there were people with tables set up in front of their trunks. I was so happy! We strolled around and I did buy some Barbies..not vintage but the modern kind for only $2.oo. After we bought the Barbies we came upon this old gentleman with a cowboy hat and I thought I saw some vintage patterns on one of his tables. I made a bee-line over there and Marshall and I left there with so many treasures which I have posted below. Later, he took me to our favorite Goodwill store.Our favorite cashier. She always wears this tiara and her customers just love her friendly ways.I had been wanting a mini-domed cake stand and I found this for a $1.oo. It's so precious! (Bonnie, we just got back from my nephews talent show and I just read your comment: I wanted a cake stand just like yours but my goodness, they are so expensive!!! I think I got a good deal here don't you think?)
These angels were .5o cents. They are getting a makeover though. My bathtroom is in the Shabby decor so I will be painting these little darlings this weekend. They will have white bodies and some pink on their wings and touches of sky blue on the little angels' garland. I'll probably tint their hair a golden color. I'll post the finished results at a later date.I am going to have to run over to Sweet Candy Creations and tell sweet Jenn that I found her rabbit's sister at Goodwill for only $1.00. I saw it and I just had to have it. She is going to pretty up my bathroom for sure! Now I'll have to start collecting these little cuties!Okay, from here on out, the pictures are the purchases from the flea market. Isn't that painting just darling? The old gentleman told us she was a popular choice with the Paint by Numbers portrait kits from the fifties. She reminded me of Audrey Hepburn or of a young Elizabeth Taylor. He let me have her for only a dollar. What a nice man! Many blessings go out to him!Isn't this Easter card just adorable? It looks like it was signed by Cecil? And it's dated 1934! The sweet pink bow somehow managed to stay intact. How amazing is that?It never bothers me at all when cards and dress patterns are written on by the previous owners.A charming Christmas card. It was slightly bent but I couldn't leave it behind. It wasn't signed inside so maybe it had never been given to anyone. I'm glad it's in my hands now.This card was hiding inside a magazine the old gentleman had on his table of papergoods. It fell out and when I saw the shimmer of it, I snapped it up as there were several women besides myself, browsing the table. We all, "OOOOHHHH" over it and I thought I saw some looks of I think it's one of the best cards in my collection.This is the most beautiful card I've ever seen. The paper is so delicately aged but the silver gilt is just as shiny as it can be. Look at that signature..."Web" 1934. Web had good taste! I'm so lucky!Who can resist a plaid dog? Remember that poem about the Calico cat and the gingham dog? This card reminds me of that.I love the fact that these are signed. I know there are more desirable if they have no markings but to me...they sing with a history of love from yesteryear.This precious card was also at the papergoods table and I opened it up and read it and saw the signature and it brought me to tears. I'm sentimental that way.Can you believe the yarn has stayed intact all of these years? I get so amazed at all the "pretties" I find that are not badly damaged.If you like any of these pictures, please help yourself to them. I like to share my pretties.This birthday card is so beautiful. It appears that it was given to a beloved daughter from "Mama and Daddy". So lovely don't you think? I still get teary eyed over it. :*(Cute little Valentine. I have a small collection, but I have stored them away until I get my house next year and then I will have more room to display them they way I would like to.My kind of shoes!! Family and friends know that Ms. Deanna wears heels everyday of her life.I have been a collector of vintage patterns for years as you can see on my sidebar. I usually take out the pattern if the envelopes are open. I'm saving those for a studio room that I want to decorate for myself when I buy our home next year. I want to wallpaper a wall with the patterns. I had a friend back home that did this technique in her workroom and it was so cute.
The reason I love collecting vintage patterns is for the artwork. What a shame that this is still not done. Have to move with the times but still.....what a shame! What ever happened to all of those artists whose job it was to draw for these pattern companies? Come back!!!!!!!
I think by the look of these outfits, that this is late 40's. What do you think?
These outfits remind of the clothing Lucille Ball wore during her years in I Love Lucy. I would love to dress like this. I totally dig those heels!
Isn't that dress with the carrot pocket adorable? I would wear that! I would!
I love this book. I saw it and I just had to have it. You can still find it at thrift stores. I think it's still printed every so many years. Not too hard to find.
Marshall and I fell in love with this vintage book of Black Beauty. Isn't the cover just beautiful?
It's so shiny and so Shabby Chic looking. Yep, it's going in my bathroom. Hey! It's not just for beauty....I read it! Honest!Okay, this autograph book is a riot. I read all of the comments that were in it and it appears to belong to Fran, who is dating Lanny. They are mega in love and her friends and teacher are wishing her and Lanny the best as it appears that they are getting married after they graduate high school. So young and so in love. I wonder what ever became of them?
Isn't the cover amazing? So retro. I love the color of the book. I was so lucky to find this. It's the second one I've found. I don't recall seeing these very often at yard sales. Perhaps at estate sales you might be lucky enough to find them.Look at that art. Who wouldn't want this book?Did they consider the principal a celebrity?

Fran and Lanny. Where could they be? Did they have children? Did they really get married?I love that, 2 young 2 go 4 boys thing. It must have been a popular thing to write in autographs books at the time.This sweet Corduroy bear whistled at my husband and my husband's heart melted. He walked over to me and said, "He's going home with me". He loved that he has buttons holding his joints together. After a good cleaning and a long vacuum job and a spin in the dryer, he was as good as new. He now guards my recliner.
Cute little button. He reminds us of the famous Corduroy from the childrens book.He's cute isn't he?Lee Laurie, this is the cook book I was telling you about. It's so cute. I'm thinking that I am
going to take the pages out (they are thick and stiff which is good for the idea I have) and givethem out as gifts to family and friends. I recently bought grab bags of loose ribbons from HobbyLobby and I thought I would slip a beautiful colored ribbon into the holes on each sideand tie a sweet bow. How does this look? I went online and searched for envelopes that would be the right size for these cards. Won't be expensive at all so I'm going to order them on Friday. As you can see by the photo above, the recipes for each dish or project is on the back so that is so going to work for my project. I probably would use color coordinating ribbon but I had this silver ribbon out and I just threw it on to show you my idea.
This book not only had appetizer, main courses and desserts, it also has many craft project recipes! What a find.Let me know what you think. I'm loathe to give them out but maybe I can find another book like this online. This is the one I bought at Goodwill. By the way, all the cards, the book and the patterns and the autograph book were sold to me for $3.00 by that wonderful man. God bless him. He knew I was going to take care of them.
I am so honored to be the caretaker of these beautiful and timeless things.
Well, thank you for your comments even before I had even finished typing up the post! LOL. My nephews talent show was wonderful. We had a lot of laughs. I might post two videos of it tomorrow.
Y'all have a great day!

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