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Friday, August 7, 2015


Siempre En Algun Lugar's Marcela, sent me picture of her mother in-law's lovely tree. I can tell that mom in-law loves Santa just as much as my own mother does! Marcela is from Argentina and right now in South America, it's summer time or fixing to be summer time. I'll have to send her a box of snow. We actually had ice here in San Antonio today. It's very cold here and I'm sure that Marcela is happy that she is waaay down there right now! I love the little Santa in the heart shaped ornament. I love anything Shiny! I simply adore the narrow tree. Doesn't red just make that tree so precious. I see the little chubby Santa's are cute as a button. Are they vintage Marcela? They look like 1950's ornaments. Luckily for Marcela's mother in-law, I don't have enough gas to drive to Argentina and take those Santa's off of that tree!


Who can resist those ball ornaments? Especially the red ones! Come to think of it...I used to have red bows on my past trees. I wonder what I did with those? Anyway, thank you Marcela for sharing your lovely pictures. Eres una mujer mas linda. Besitos!
Thank You Marcela. Have a wonderful Christmas. Feliz Navidad.


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