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Friday, August 7, 2015


Little Lotta....Soon To Be Slim Sally

Oh Little Lotta, you are such a happy, yet obese little girl. You spread sunshine just like butter on a slice of bread. Are you hiding your unhappiness underneath your green sweater and pleated white skirt? I think you'd look better without the knee-hi socks girlie. Well, I have felt like Little Lotta recently. Jovial, making merry and pretending that I was happy with my spare tire. Weight Watchers came along and rescued me from getting close to the picture above. Don't get me wrong. I love Little Lotta! I just don't want to identify with her anymore. Sorry Lotta! I'm looking for a more healthier role model! The closer I get to my goal weight the faster I can say Goodbye, Sayonara and Adios to Little Lotta and her self-indulgent ways for good!


Getting To Know You.....

I've been around Bloggerland for a while now..I did miss out on almost a year of blogging but I was able to catch up and still have the other ladies remember me. I always thought that was so nice of them ....I guess I wouldn't forget anyone either. I have the memory of an elephant. Anyway, it seems that in blogging, you become attached to this world and start caring deeply about your blogger friends. You worry about them when they are sick, when they lose loved ones, when their children are sick. Certainly we do worry when we visit our friend's blogs and you see that they haven't posted in weeks. It's true...we should be able to blog without obligation...I believe that but I don't believe one should have to put that on their blog. I understand that people sometimes have to go live their lives for a while and may not be able to get to their blog for a while. I'm the first to agree. Family comes first. I do like to leave them messages that I am thinking of them. I want them to know that I care.
So now the question; When is it a good time to cross that Blogger line and actually talk to one another on the phone? For me, it's anytime really. I don't see anything out there that screams "I'm an ax murderer!" I'm not so naive that I would trust just anybody but looking at my sidebar list of Blogging Beauties...and blogging Gent, I'm pretty sure that I have nothing to worry about. I have ventured out into this arena already with my dear sweet Bonnie of One Designing Woman. Bonnie is my own personal cheerleader. Her words of wisdom and guidance have helped me heal some hurts that I'd been harboring for months. When I spoke to her the other day....her voice was just as how I had imagined it. Soft, mothering, gentle and humerous. I know that bringing her into my personal life has been a blessing and I know that we will be friends for life. We both felt a connection from the beginning and then to find out that we both share the same birthday was just amazing!
Last night I stepped into the arena again with my dear sweet Lee Laurie, from A Southern Rose and her friend Stevie, from The Beautiful Outdoors. I have never laughed so much in my life. These two are full of fun and I am anxious to see them in person. We talked last night about maybe meeting half way...they being from Mississippi so halfway for us would be somewhere in Louisiana. I know that the four of us would have a wonderful time together...Stevie and Marshall gambling and Lee Laurie and I eating all the shrimp in the state! I feel like Lee Laurie is my long lost sister. We do have many things in common. Okay, we don't share the same birthday....but her birthday is the day after my husband Marshall! I thoroughly enjoyed talking to both of them last night. Stevie is such a fine gentleman to have thought of both of us wanting to speak to each other. He emailed me, gave me their number and I called them last night. He said Lee Laurie was so happy and surprised. So was I. Thanks Stevie....for making two Southern gal's very happy!
I'm sure many of you have already crossed over into this arena as well and have made some incredible friendships. I'm glad that I decided to cross's been a double blessing for me.

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