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Friday, August 7, 2015


 My brother Joey and his wife Danielle live with their son Etienne back in my hometown here in Texas. My parents just adore Etienne and he loves his grandma and his Popo. They have him very spoiled but I can't blame them because he's the first grandchild they have had a chance to raise since he was born. My two sisters were both living in Alaska when they had their children so now that Joey and Dani have this little character...well they just douse all the luvin's they can on this dramatic little boy! He goes shopping with mom and he loves it. Mom takes him everywhere. They both love McDonalds!
This is a pretty village Dani. I love the way you placed everything. Those trees are darling as well. Did you buy the kitties some Christmas stockings? Joey and Dani have the sweetest kitties. I'm not sure how many they have now but last time I heard Etienne talking about them it was around four kitties! Maybe five?
I love that table. Did you guys get that at Old Mill Trade Days? I heard it closed. I can't believe it. That was such a great place to go and buy some fabulous vintage stuff. What a shame! Whose great idea was that? Shocking. 
Dani, I love those trees. I had some once but my friend Michelle wanted some so I gave them to her. You can usually find them on clearance at Wal-Mart after Christmas. They are just too cute.
The mantel looks so pretty. The village pieces are so beautiful. Where did you find them. Lucky for you I don't live there anymore because I would have walked out the door with them! I've always wanted a village but for some reason, I've never bought one. Maybe next year. I was told I couldn't buy one more ornament this year. I've been good. So far.What sweet villagers! Wow, you guys really got some wonderful pieces. You should tell mom to go and get you some angel hair to put underneath them. It will look like they are sitting on snow.Okay, did Etienne take this picture or was Joey into the spiked Egg Nog? Is it a spinning tree? Maybe that's why it looks like it's moving. It's really pretty. You guys did a great job! I can just picture all of you; Joey, Dani, Etienne and the Kitties (sounds like a Childrens singing group!) sitting around the tree drinking hot chocolate and eating some peanut brittle.Thanks for sending the photos Dani!
Thank you for your pics and mom and dad's too.
Love y'all,

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