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Friday, August 7, 2015


Look at sweet One Designing Woman, Miss Bonnie's Christmas decorations! Oh how I would love to have that wonderful Merry Christmas sign. I love the soft glow from the lights. There is just something about red decorations that makes Christmas time seem so festive. They say the color red represents passion and even danger but I believe it meansFESTIVE!
Bonnie says that she was given these carolers by her Gramma Jo. Aren't they just amazing? Look at the sweet little muff the lady caroler is holding. I don't think I've ever seen anything so wonderful as these Carolers. Byers Choice Ltd. has a wonderful website where you can create your very own Caroler. They say that there is no one caroler doll that are alike. How amazing is that. Do visit that website. You will fall in love with these as I have. Now to tell Marshall......When my husband and I buy our very first home here in San Antonio, I am going to insist on a home with a fireplace just like this one. I love white fireplaces. So classic and and warmly inviting. Decorations just stand out on a white fireplace and mantel. You must click on the picture so you can view the collection of Carolers. What a great set you have there Bon! I love 'um. In a post the other day, I asked Bonnie if she could put her kitchen and dining room in a box and send it to me C.O.D. It hasn't arrived yet Bonnie. I'm still waiting for the delivery guy. He must have gotten lost. Maybe I should go look for him. Maybe he kept it. I don't blame him. What a COZY table this is. I want to sit down and have a wonderful meal, drink some egg nog and play scrabble with Jim and Bonnie. Isn't that big window just to die for? I love the color on the walls Bonnie. What color is it? It just makes your home look so soft and fuzzy. I'll bet that room looks so beautiful with the lights turned off with only the candles and the Christmas tree lights glowing. I can just hear Nat King Cole singing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....Jack Frost nipping at your nose....". Somebody pass me the Wassail!This creche is from Bonnie's childhood. You can see their lovely well-worn faces. You can really see the vintage quality in the color of their clothing. Such beautiful colors. I have the figures for the nativity scene but not the manger. I'm not sure why I haven't looked for one. Fortunately for Bonnie, she lives on the West Coast so I can't just hop on over and walk away with her creche. Is there a pattern here......? Hee hee hee! You know I'm just teasin! Right? Bon? (giggle).Bon says that she found her centerpiece at an estate sale. It's just so lovely. And I know it will look spectacular with ornaments in it. I love Bonnie's glass mini cake stand. I told Bonnie the other day that I was driving to Ross Store just a couple of blocks from where I work to buy a boxed set of three mini cake stands that I had seen several days before. I had regretted not buying them because as I was in the checkout line, I had a change of heart and when I turned around to go and get them.....yep, someone had already decided they couldn't live without them. Well, I'm driving along and I guess I had a wandering mind because the next thing I knew I drove right by the store and as I was in the wrong lane, I couldn't change lanes without literally getting killed. The mall is right next door to the shopping center where Ross is located. I was so miffed. I still don't have those elusive little cake stands! Grrrr! Well Bonnie's stand looks just divine and that darling girl figure with the wreath is so lovely. Good pairing there Bon! 
Bonnie's plates have been used for Christmas dinners for the past twenty-five years! Be sure to click on the plate so you can see all the little cute things that are on it. Lovely, just lovely.I am going to drive my husband insane until he finds me a wire tree just like this! Isn't this just as sweet as it can be? It reminds of my grandparents Christmas tree for some reason. Possible because of the vintage ornaments hanging from it. It looks like a sweet gumdrop tree.And here is Bonnie and Jim's tree. Isn't this a beautiful picture? My pictures always come out so bright and garish. Maybe it's the digital camera or it could be that I have it on the wrong setting. I'll have to ask Bon what type of camera she used because all of her pictures are so beautiful. I could just sit and stare at your tree all day Bonnie. You did a great job with your decorating!
Thank you Bonnie for being the sweetest blogger friend ever! I'm so glad I found you.
Merry Christmas to you and Jim!
Love always,

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