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Friday, August 7, 2015



Today is my baby sister's (Momof2Roses) birthday! She has been a wonderful sister and best friend to me. She is a loving mother and wife and is active in her both of her daughters schooling. She loves all things Shabby Chic and recently renovated her bedroom and decorated it with her cherished thrift finds. She is an excellent sewer, quilter, painter and I'm sure that there is nothing that this girl can't do. She inherited all of my mothers talent in being crafty as my sister Cyndi and I, suffer in this department. Laurie and my two nieces came down from Alaska this past summer for my church wedding and I can't tell you the many sisterly things we did together. Shopping, eating out, talking outside on Cyndi's new patio and having a good chat about life and things. Living so far away from Texas I know sometimes is trying on her but she sincerely loves Alaska and I guess if they ever did move stateside it would have to be somewhere like Montana, Colorado or Washington. My mother visits her and the girls every summer and like I said, this summer we were in heaven because she and the girls arrived on May 28th and stayed until August 14th. She took her girls around Texas so that they could see how varied the landscape is here. She took them to Corpus Christi to see the coast. They found many shells and brought back bags and bags of them. She took them home to Lubbock and spent almost a whole month there with my parents. She took her girls to Palo Duro Canyon to watch the show TEXAS and took them horseback riding in the canyon. Then off they went with my mother in tow, to the see the Marfa Lights in Marfa and to the natural spring in Balmorrhea. Laurie is very much like my mother in that, she wants her children to experience everything and to see the world around them. She is a go-getter and not shy at all. She is outspoken, and does not like to witness injustice. I love her with all of my heart and I wish her the best Happy Birthday ever! Love you Lorna Doone!

This is my favorite picture of us. That's me in the green top and Marlo "That Girl" Thomas hair-do. My brother Joey in his unfavorite plaid shirt that my mother made him wear. I don't know...maybe he did like it! My sister Cyndi (lives here in San Antonio and the reason Marshall and I are here) in the white dress with the red polka dots and red sash. And there she is...little baby Laurie. She was born with bangs! Plus she must have had a manicure on the way out of the womb because her nails were long, filed and almond shaped. She had such a button nose that we would tease her and say that she only had two holes where her nose should have been. When this child grew up, she was a handful. We would go shopping at Woolco department store and this child would be doing cartwheels in the aisles. She also told everyone she came across that she knew HOW to do cartwheels and proceeded to show them. If she wasn't doing cartwheels in the aisle, we were then escorting her to the bathroom! Every twenty minutes! Just kidding Laurie! She was a ball of fire that girl! I see a lot of her in her youngest daughter. Her older daughter is very much like me. I hope the girls learn how to do all the wonderful things their mom does. Well...they do know how to cook. Probably better than their Aunt Banana does!

Sister, I love you with all of my heart. Since we can't be together on this special day, I want you to know that I am thinking of you and that I am wishing you all the very best for the New Year.

Happy Birthday Laurie

All of my love - your big sis, Deanna

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