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Friday, August 7, 2015


Me, Tea And My Eye

After yesterday's dishwasher fiasco, I sat down and made some Twinings Ceylon tea this morning to make my disposition much more sunnier. I have been waking up at four every morning to have extra time to fiddle faddle around. I don't have to be at work until seven so by the time I bathe, blowdry, style, make-up and dress it's only five o'clock. My husband wakes up at five-fifteen and leaves the house about fifteen till six. That still leaves me lot's of luxury time.

I was glad for today because I only had to work until 1:15. I had a medical appointment at 2:45 across town.....actually in town but the town is it's own town....happens a lot here. Anyway, I had the last of my sutures removed the day before yesterday from my right cornea and had to visit my doctor that designed my new hybrid lens. It's hard in the middle and has a soft outer skirt. I actually got it this past March but I was having a lot of difficulty inserting it in and removing it. I would scrap my eye so badly that I would be unable to wear it for a couple of days. I probably wore that lens a total of ten days before I gave up. One day it took me two hours to remove it. It was so disheartening to me because I was able to see so clearly with it on. My vision in the right eye before surgery was 100/200 and after the corneal transplant and with the new lens it became 20/40. 

My doctor and I discussed the problems I had had with the lens and she seemed to think that I was not removing it correctly. Turns out that I was not doing it correctly!!! The two sweet lens technicians made me insert and take it out four times just so I could have the practice and lo and behold it worked. The insertion is still tricky as I have to have the bowl of the lens filled with solution and insert it in with the fluid so that the lens will lie flat on my cornea with out any air bubbles. VERY HARD TO DO as my fingers make the lens flip back and forth like an egg on a nail head. So I walked out of the office with the lens on and gosh darn it....I could see every freakin' flaw on my skin, every wrinkle, every gray hair and my husband's sweet freckles. I'm going to miss looking in the mirror and seeing a blur and thinking..."Wow, I look great today!". Oh well, a cup of Twinings will make me feel better!

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