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Friday, August 7, 2015

FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009

When They Are Away, CeeCee Will Play!

Oh thank goodness! They've left for work!

Now how did Deanna do this? Click here.....and tap here...

Yea! That's Deanna's screensaver! I did it!

Woo Woo! Google! Now I type Blogger right? Hmmm...then what?

Something about a Password....then hit enter. There it is! Deanna's blog!

Let's go visit some friends. How do you scroll down to the Blogger Beauties list? Oh yeah, hit the down arrow and tap, tap tap. Hmmmm, lets see here...

I'll go visit Cori. I wonder what she's up too. Deanna likes her banner. I do too. She always has such lovely things on her blog. She's a nice lady too.

I like it when Deanna goes to visit Judith and Karmen. They are both so sweet! Deanna likes to see where Judith and her Nigel have traveled since they were married. Such a fun couple.

Aw shucks, Kristina is on a break! I wonder if she's wearing her blue Snuggie? I wouldn't doubt if she might be starring in a Lifetime Movie with Tori Spelling or Melissa Gilbert as the crazy maniacal neighbor.

Dixie! She is so much fun! I hope she finds Lahoma Herron! Dixie wants Deanna to join her in Wimberley for a day of fun shopping with other blogging buddies! I hope she goes!

Look Beverly! I have something for Pink Saturday too! My diary is sparkly Pink!

Ooh La La, Miss Mandy is such a Sex Kitten! Deanna loves her mixed drink recipes. Mr Timeless Things likes that Mrs. Timeless Things likes Mandy's mixed drink recipes!

Look! Its's Loida and Bayani! Hi Loida! Can you see me waving? Deanna loves the 2L3B's. They send her gifts in the mail and send her their love. They are special in Deanna's heart!

Oh, oh! I hear something! FOOTSTEPS! It's Mr. Timeless Things!!

Jeepers! It is Mr. Timeless Things!

Maybe he won't see me! Oh no, I left the laptop on!

I know! I'll play dead! Don't move! Darn, he saw me!

Me? I haven't been doing anything. The laptop? What laptop? I was just sitting here minding my own business and then I fell asleep.
Okaaaay, I was on the laptop. I lied. Yes, I'm ashamed. The naughty corner? Again? OKAAAY!
I loathe this wall! It's boring over here ya know!

Hee hee hee, I can't wait until tomorrow when Mr. and Mrs. Timeless Things go to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert! Yipee! I'll see you all tomorrow but don't tell them I came over to visit you!

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