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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Pink Saturday and an Award

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Thanks go to dearBeverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting this special day for us. I applaud her for all the hard work she does on our behalf. For those of you visiting Timeless Things, I offer you this award. It's called the Works Of Heart Blog Award. Everytime I visit you forPink Saturday, I see the hard work that goes in to creating a great post of us to see and read. There is so much creativity out there and I just want to acknowledge it and award it. I would be honored if you would take this award. All of you are most deserving of it.I've always loved period dresses and tonight, my sister Cyndi and I were online looking at Google images and we wanted to see some Victorian fashion photos. We were slightly astonished that there aren't enough pictures online to showcase this style of dress. After searching for many minutes, we just decided to look for a few Pink vintage dresses.This one is my favorite. It's such a lovely frothy concoction of girlie-ness and the flower buds in her hair...Ooh La la! I wish we could dress like that but man oh man, how do you go to the bathroom in that thing?Cracked ribs and a crushed aorta were the order of the day for this chickie poo! She inhaled in the morning and didn't dare exhale until she went to bed. After her corsets and whalebone were removed at night, it was revealed that she was a portly 200 lbs !
For those of you suffering from a big caboose like Selena and Jennifer Lopez, this is the dress for you. Wearing this style of dress allows ladies with extra junk in their trunk to look absolutely ladylike and modest. Whilst out at tea parties, your spouse can confidently leave a plate of Lavender shortbread cookies and a glass of sherry atop your extra large bustle as he chit chats with Elmwood Dexter Pilkerington the Third. Your hostess will adore you because the extra long train on your lovely dress works wonders as a broom. You can dance the night away whilst you sweep away the crumbs off the floor! You are a hit at parties!I think this was the first layered look in the history of fashion. Take away the hat and the flower in her hand and she looks pretty modern to me. Why was it necesary for a woman to walk around holding a flower in her hand at all hours of the day? How did she wash her dishes? Did she go calling on her friends Emily and Matilda, holding the flower in her kid gloved hand? How did she drink her tea and eat her scone? I hear she was buried with that flower. Who says you can't take it with you?
This is Margaret VanSnooty-Vandenburgh. She never went anywhere without her chaise. She took it to church services, ice cream socials and dances and posed herself elegantly, spreading the folds of her lovely pink dress so that they draped the chaise just so and demanded that someone paint her for posterity. Sadly, she was last seen floating on her chaise down the River Thames after a rowing contest between herself and Queen Victoria. Margaret forgot to bring her oars.
Well I hope you enjoyed these ladies. They were lots of fun to poke fun at as I truly love that type of dress. They have always fascinated me and I guess that's why my own wedding dress was Pink! Mr. Timeless Things and I are leaving for Austin tomorrow as he is taking me to see Celtic Woman. We went to see them last year and we were just blown away! My husband adores their voices and we are definately taking our binoculars this time! I may not have time to visit many blogs before we leave but I will surely finish visiting you on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

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