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Friday, August 7, 2015


Welcome My Friends

I want to welcome my new friends! I decided yesterday to put my Follower ( I prefer to call it Friendllowing) List up top so that I can see you better! I really think people want to see the pictures of people and I wanted everyone to see your lovely faces. Plus, if someone is interested in viewing your sweet Blog then they don't have to search on the sidebar for a list.
Please help yourself to an Easter cookie! They are yummylicious!
Some of you already know each other or recognize the blog name from the many activities and groups we join. I encourage you to visit one another's blogs. You just might find your next friend waiting for you!
Luke @ Bath's Artist's Blog (A talented artist. Take a look at his colorful work)
Debbie @ There's An Angel On My Front Porch(Sweet and has an Inspirational blog)
Heidi @ HiHo Heidi's Diary (Charming and graceful. I want her Hull pottery collection!)
Cori @ Gingerbread Crumbs and Company (Sweet Cori and her oh, so darling blog)
Barbara @ Purple Goat Lady ( Full of great ideas for decor. Try her recipes!)
Patricia @ Vintage Linen Treasures (Wonderful! We actually met. Winner of my Giveaway)
Elizabeth @ Elizabeth, Plain and Simple (Rescued me from having a messy home!)
Amanda @ Jacaranda Cottage (Great photos of her Australia. Great cottage decor!)
Pinkkandy - Just visiting...LOL!
Melly @ His Pink Princess (New to Blogger so please welcome her. Inspiring and sweet)
Lisa @ Pupylov ( Also new to Blogger. Starting out with some great posts)
Margie @ Josie's Niece (McDuff's mom. Inspirational blog. Wonderful lady)
LaVerne @ Riverside Studios (Artsy lady and collector of vintage lovelies!)
Nancy @ La Chambre Rose (Dream blog. Has no idea that I use her recipes!)

It's a pleasure to have you here so please come back and visit me often!

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