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Friday, August 7, 2015


Pink Saturday With Eggs

Hi and welcome to another glorious Pink Saturday! Prayers continue for Beverly's dear mother. She has suffered a terrible break in her shoulder and Beverly and her family are hoping that she will not have to have surgery. We send out good thoughts for you and yours. Thank you Beverly for continuing to have this great event for us even though we know you must be swamped with duties in your own home. Many hugs for you my dear. For more Pink goodness, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, for the complete list of Pink Saturday participants! Have a great day! 
Easter is almost upon us and I thought it would be a good idea to post some cute Easter Egg wreaths. I need help in the craft department and as I was perusing the internet I found some cute wreaths that don't look to hard to replicate. I'm a true duncerella when it comes to craft but I try anyway!This is the first one I saw that looked so wonderful to me. But as I looked at it, it seemed waaay to complicated and maybe a bit pricey. I love the bushy detail and the pastel colors peeking out but I think I would be in over my head here. I might try it though and ask Patrick, the florist at Michael's Art's and Crafts, to help me price it. It looks $$$$! Yipes!The second one I admired was this pebble egg looking wreath. I suppose you could find some egg shaped rocks somewhere but not here in S.A. I'm not sure what it's made of..looks like wire but it's a nice straight-forward wreath with no muss and fuss about it. I'll have to ask my sister Laurie for help on this one. I really like it a lot. It's very Western-y. Last but not least, I found this one and I had to laugh because this is more my speed. Egg shapes that you can glue rick-rack and doo dads on. Then you can throw a lot of pastel ribbon on it. I think I'll try this one for sure! If it looks like an elementary school project, then that's the craft for me!
Hope to see your Easter decorations for next week'sPink Saturday! See you there!

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