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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Pink Saturday Wedding On July 19, 2008

Hi everyone! Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by the lovely Beverly of How Sweet the Sound. As you can see from my previous post, my sweetheart and I have been celebrating the month of July with lot's of love, hearts and cupids flying around! July 19th will be our first wedding anniversary. Before you get confused, Mr. Timeless and I have been married since July 7th of 1994 but we decided that we should have our marriage blessed by the Lord in our church and we did exactly that! Our wedding was so very lovely and very emotional for us as we took or wedding vows in front of our specially chosen group of family and friends. My parents walked us down the aisle, my father walked with me and my mother walked with Marshall. I can't tell you how much love went through my heart when I saw my mother and Marshall walking towards the altar. I never took my eyes off of them. My parents are the only parents my husband has and I know how much they love my husband. How can you not love a man that let his wife pick Pink for their wedding?

This is after the wedding in all of our Pink glory except for my little sister Laurie who looked absolutley smashing in her off the shoulder black dress. Bottom row left to right: My dear friend Ty (my bridesmaid), my niece Mikaela (Laurie's daughter), my niece Camille (Laurie's daughter), my niece Marissa (Cyndi's daughter). Top row left to right: My best friend Mary Anne (Matron of Honor), my sister Laurie, Me, my sister Cyndi and my sweet mother Rosa. Missing was my dear friend Veronica as she and her husband had already taken off to change for the wedding reception.

Our wedding cakes. My cake is in the forefront specially made for me by Lucy's Bakery. It was a delicious lip-smacking Red Velvet delight! Marshall's cake was made for him by his co-workers. His was a delectable chocolate creation and they put our initials on the top. The letter N is for our last name. We wanted everyone to have as much cake as they wanted. Don't be fooled by the picture. The cakes were GI-NORMOUS!
My wedding bouquet. It was made from Pink tipped roses, seed pearls and crystals.
My Alaskan Princesses, Camille and Mikaela. The were lovely as my Flower Girls.
My handsome Son-Son nephew Abram (Cyndi's son) and his sister Marissa. I consider these four kids as my own since Mr. Timeless Things and I were never able to have children of our own. We are very proud of our nieces and nephews.
Wedding party. Left to right: Martin (Mary Anne's husband), my dad, nephew Abram, Johnny (my brother in-law and our best man), Marshall, me, mom, Marissa, Mary Anne, Laurie, Cyndi and Ty. In the front are Mikaela and Camille. Doesn't everyone look great in PINK! 
Thanks for your visit! I had to do this post for Pink Saturday this weekend as Mr. Timeless Things is taking his bonny bride to Austin for a romantic weekend getaway for our Anniversary next weekend. I will miss all of you while we are away! Now you just put your cute little Pink Wings on and fly over to the other lovely Pink Posts by clicking here!

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