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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Happy Anniversary To My Husband

Anniversary Graphics

Fifteen years ago on July 7th 1994 at Exit Glacier in Seward
Alaska, Marshall and I were married by an Alaskan Commissioner.
That person happened to be my sister Cyndi and as a resident of Alaska,
she was able to perform our wedding ceremony. It was a private and to us, a very quiet and peaceful moment. There were only five people present;
Cyndi, her husband Johnny, our three year old niece Marissa and our
little love Abram who was just two months old at the time. Marshall and I
spent two glorious weeks with them traveling to Valdez, Seward
and Fairbanks.
I have always felt so much love for my sister because she joined Marshall and I in marriage.
Civil ceremony. So here the story is much like my birthday....We celebrate two
wedding anniversaries now! Our civil ceremony on July 7th and our
church wedding on July 19th. We were married in a Basilica last summer and
my little sister Laurie (momof2roses) came down from Alaska with her two daughters, Mikaela
and Camille and spent two and a half months here in Texas. I miss those days leading up to
the wedding because we shopped like lunatics and had many a cocktail on
Cyndi and Johnny's newly built patio (we had a wedding party and dance for our guests there) and it just doesn't seem possible that a whole year has gone by.
This is the happy couple after the ceremony...
yes, we were married in shorts! We had just finished
a six hour cruise along the Kenai Fjords and unbeknownst
to me, Cyndi, Johnny and Marshall had decided that
Exit Glacier would be the perfect spot for our ceremony.
It was. So now we have July 19th coming up for our first wedding anniversary since
being married in a church. I love having two anniversaries.
My man gets to be loved on twice! I know he enjoys the extra attention!
My guy. He was twenty-eight years old here.
I've known Marshall since 1983. I fell hard for his red hair and for his parents. I love my
man's freckles!

I've enjoyed the past twenty-five years we've spent together.
I couldn't imagine that I could love you even more now than I did
when we first fell in love. Now we are in " The Silver Years." We've made
a lot of good memories and we have been blessed by a very loving and
supportive family. I love you bebes, my Katty.

Your Yanna.

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