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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Deanna's Baby Photo Birthday Bash!! I'm 46 Years Young!!

I couldn't leave out my main man...Mr. Timeless Things. Isn't he a sweet chubby thing? He was pink and had red hair. Now he's handsomely gray but still has his darling freckles! Love you!

On July 2nd 1963, St. Mary's Hospital saw the birth of a little girl named.....(my mother liked Deanna Durbin so she decided to name me after her) Deanna Gloria...(last name withheld as I am under the Witness Protection Program). Anyhoo, Deanna came and her parents Joe and Rosa were delighted that their first born was a girl. Then a goof-up. The hospital records recorded my birth as July 1st. Those crazy nuns!!! So now, I have two official birthdates and only for legal purposes, July 1st is my birthday but officially, my birthday is July 2nd. Thanks a lot mom and dad for never fixing this problem until it became a nightmare in my adult years....hahahaahaha...not really mom and dad, I'm just kiddin' ya!! Mom and dad showered me with so much love and they lovingly recorded everything about me. My baby book is such a sweet testament of love for me that my mother wrote in her own hand. She's always been a writer and a poet so to have her written words when she was but a young lass, is such a gift to me. I have so many photos of me as a baby so to select only three, was pretty difficult. So I have decided to post four. I hope that you posted more than three yourselves. I can't wait to see you cute little cherubs!!

This is me at 1. I love this photo. Mom always had us dressed to the nines...all four of us. It's one of my favorites and when our graduation class at Lubbock High School had a baby contest this photo won the cutest baby award. Awww...I was embarrassed but now I'm glad that mom and I picked this one so that the whole school could vote for it. My best friend won the most beautiful baby and she was mortified but ooh her picture was beautiful. I guess that seeing baby photos of family and friends has got to be one of my favorite pastimes. To me, the photos record the love the family has for their child, grandchild.....time can stand still for them when they view the photos.

This is my favorite photo of me and Dad. My dad was so very handsome and hey, he loved to take pictures of all of us. I'm telling you, everything in our lives was lovingly photographed. I can't believe that I'm not wearing a dress!

This is my beautiful mother Rosa. I think I look like a sunflower here! We are getting ready to head to Our Lady of Grace Church where I am fixing to be baptized by my godparents David and Lina Yokum. I do have many photographs of them and maybe I will post them at a later date. My godfather passed away in the 90's and my godmother returned to Italy after his death.

This picture used to be the bane of my existence! LOL I believe I was about three years old here. I hated this photo! Everytime someone came over to our house they would invariably ask, "Who's the little boy. Is that Joey?" (my brother) to which mom or dad would tell them, "That's Deanna." I mean, what's with that haircut mom? I was a guinea pig for her scissor happy hands! Now I look at it and I have to smile because I am smiling and looking so happy. I was an abnormally shy child. I would shy away from meeting people and I would run and hide from company that came to our home if I didn't recognize them. I'm not sure why I was shy but none of my siblings ever had that problem! Of course now...shy is not a word that is associated with me!!!! The dress I am wearing was green and I believe that either my mother or my sister Laurie has it. I still have some of my baby shoes but I want to put them in shadow boxes. I think that would be sweet!

So those are my favorite photos. What fun it was to chat with you about them and now I just want to put on some wings and fly over to your place and look at your sweet little faces. Thank you so much for joining me today! You made my day so very special!! Cheers, to the most wonderful people in Blogland!

The Honored Guests:
Marian - Princess of Pink - Baby Party Only
Angelica - My Cousin at Diamond AJ - Baby Party Only
Duni - Lovely PursesCori - Gingerbread Crumbs and Company
Spencer - Bellamere CottageLaurie - My sister at Mom of 2 RosesIrma - Irma's Rose Cottage
Stephanie - Angelic AccentsKatherinellen - Welcome To Kat's Korner - Pending
Lee Laurie - A Southern Rose
Stevie - The Beautiful OutdoorsFarren and Byisteal - The Bluebonnet Belles - Movie Star Party only
Please take time out to visit one another and be sure to leave a sweet message!


Here is the link to my friends Farren and Byisteal's new blog that they created just for my Movie Star Party. Some of you had questions about it so I thought I would put it on here so you can get an idea.

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