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Friday, August 7, 2015


Happy Pink Saturday and A Very Blessed Easter To You

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Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter to everyone! I can't wait to view everyone's blogs today! Thank you dear Beverly, for hosting this special event for us every weekend. We know how hard you work to put this together and we are just so thankful for all of your efforts. Wishing you all a very Blessed Easter holiday! To view the other Pinks, please visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Kisses! I hope you enjoy the Peeps Show. I had it on a post yesterday but it stopped playing so I re-posted it on here today!
These pictures are of my little dining room. I went thrift shop crazy and bought lots of little goodies for the table. It looks different now as I took these photographs last weekend. I tweaked a lot of things and edited some items off of the table. I think it looks adorable this way too. I bought this sweet feathery bunny at Ross for two dollars and I named her Lil' Jenn after Jenn at Sweet Eye Candy Creations. She is a talented mixed media and altered art artist. Please pop in and take a look at her work. She adores bunnies and she is the sweetest person you will ever meet!This bunny was a wonder find as Jenn has one of these vintage bunny planters on her blog. I saw it and I thought of her and I had to buy it! I've always seen these at Goodwill and I never thought to buy them...I clunk myself on the the forehead for every single time I've bypassed these planters and nursery planters! Well, thanks to Jenn, I now know to grab these cuties! I love my vintage Egg Couple salt and pepper shakers.
Sweet little lamb from Goodwill. It was only .49 cents! The mint green table cloth also came from Goodwill and it was a whooping total of $1.00. It was in pristine condition.
This little pixie was .49 as well. I couldn't leave it behind!Pastel Easter eggs in my apothecary jar. The smaller one has my sugary gumdrops .
This is the dinnerware that I bought from Goodwill that I featured in a previous Pink Saturday post. Every placesetting has a bunny as a gift to take home.My wooden chairs looked blah so I went to my favorite Goodwill on Fredericksburg Rd. and found a set of vintage satin pillowcases with green ribbing and I placed them over the chairs and they looked a lot better. I don't have a picture yet but I did buy some beautiful pink organdy ribbon and made some lovely bows and tied them around the chairs.The large ceramic girl rabbit is a very old piece. She has on a pink apron with lots of sparkly glitter and very well- worn lace around it. She is a cutie and I hope I never break her.
Cute ceramic Easter egg that I found at Goodwill for .30 cents.
My lady Egg salt shaker. Isn't she sweet? My sister Laurie gave me the set as a present.
I know this rabbits fur is called something but I can remember what. It's short and moves like tight velvet. I know I'll remember it in the morning! I bought her for .50 cents at Goodwill. It's tomorrow and I think it's called Vellum? Anyone know for sure?

Cute little duck on an egg. I found this cutie at Ross Store for $2.00.
Close-up of the little ducky.
This cute egg platter is from Ross as well. It had a bunny on it so I had to have it! It was only $4.00. I adore it!
Thanks for looking at my table. I know it's not all Pink but what the heck...It's Easter time and anything goes! Happy Easter and please, don't eat too many eggs! Or Peeps!

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