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Thursday, August 6, 2015

MONDAY, MAY 25, 2009

Missing My Lubbock Home and Those Wonderful West Texas Thunderstorms

"Where are we going? Are we going shopping? Where are you taking me"
"I don't want to get on I-10!" Don't take me on that flyaway! " 
"Relax Deanna, I'm taking you for a spin. Let's look for some rain. There's bound to be rain somewhere in Bexar county."
"I simply must take a photo of myself! Where's my neck...?" 
"It's so hot here honey. Do you miss Lubbock? Don't you miss those wild West Texas thunderstorms. Remember the intoxicating smell of water and dirt mixed smelled so earthy right before it would rain. Then the thunder would start and BOOM! Lightning, that would scare you out of your britches! Remember how dark it would get right before the rain?" 
"Supercells. That great big wall of clouds that we could see from mom and dad's house. They always seemed to be coming in from Shallowater didn't they?
"Remember how cold it would get when the rain came down? Then everyone would be checking out those clouds and start looking for that funnel that always managed to peek out from different places. 
"Oh Babe! No, don't conjure up that tornado...I'm scared!!! Make it go away!!" It's about to hit Clovis Rd.... !! Mommy Daddy!!! 
"Whew! Thanks babe. I'd rather look at those clouds anyway! Let's go home and take a nap. We can look for rain another day.

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