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Thursday, August 6, 2015

FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2009

Pink Saturday Is One Year Old!! Congratulations to our Beverly!!

A lovely Pink Cake in honor of Beverly's Pink Saturday Birthday!

Earlier this week, I sent dear Beverly an email letting her know that I would not be able to participate in Pink Saturday this weekend due to my nephew Abram's graduation. We also had family coming in from out of town and I wanted to spend time with my parents who drove in last night from Lubbock. We still have one more graduation (his big sissy Marissa) in June. Then I checked my email again and noticed an email from Beverly. I read it and frantically started to send her another email asking her to please disregard my previous letter and that YES, I did want to participate in PINK SATURDAY! It turns out that our Beverly has come to the anniversay date of when she started Pink Saturday last year. HAPPYBIRTHDAY AND HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARYTO PINK SATURDAY! This has been such a wonderful experience for me and because of this, I have come to know so many wonderful, talented and creative people. I just had to do this PS post albeit a rushed and very boring one, as I just didn't have any time to devote to a more creative way to celebrate this special day. Nevertheless, I am tickled pink for dear Beverly and being a woman of my word, I promise that I will visit everyone, even if it takes me until next Saturday! I value all of your posts and read every single word you type. I won't make you read much....just take a glance and be on your lovely way to How Sweet The Sound and the other Pinks. Congratulations Beverly and I appreciate all the hard and I'm sure very stressful job of keeping track of all of us and then bringing us together for our special Saturdays! We love you dearly! Thank you, thank you thank you!

The first creamer I did show on a previous PS. I bought it along with some plates and cups at Goodwill. The last creamer belonged to my grandmother Cornelia. The other creamers are from Goodwill and each one was only .99 cents. I have fallen in love with collecting them. Creamers have been so easy for me to find at my favorite thrift shops. The little musical nursery planter lamb (it plays Rock-a-bye Baby) I found yesterday at Craftiques. It was $14.00 but I had to have it. Mr. Timeless Things liked it so that made me really happy! Sorry that the pictures are crappy but I only had twenty-five minutes to take the snaps and to post them on the blog!

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