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Friday, August 7, 2015


I Won A Giveaway!

Mr. Timeless Things went to get the mail the other day and he came back with a large envelope. "Babe" he says,"you got something in the mail." I jumped out of my recliner and grabbed the envelope. Here's what happened: On March 28th on a Pink Saturday, Nancy at La Chambre Rose (wonderful blog, please visit if you will) was having a Giveaway. I wanted to enter as I love the fun of entering those Giveaways. I left her a message for her Pink Saturday post and then suddenly remembered that I forgot to tell her I wanted to enter her Giveaway! So back I go and leave her another comment. When it came time for her drawing, she left me a message on my blog that said: Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...
Ms. Deanna: You are the winner of my book, Simple Pleasures! And, all because the random number generated was 38 and you left comment 37 and came back to leave number 38 which said to sign me up! Just need an address and off it goes. Congratulations!
Is that not an amazing way to win or what? I was so happy to win her book and I was sitting on pins and needles waiting for it to arrive and BOOM! It arrived a couple of days later..I'll never bad mouth the US Postal Service again! 
I didn't even want to open it. I kept staring at the bubble wrap with rapture. My fingers were ready to start pinching but my hubby tickled my ribs as he was antsy for me to tear open the bubble wrap. My hands shook as I tore away the wrap...... 
Look what was inside! The most darling pink beribboned tag which I will use as my bookmark and Nancy's card for her Linens and Laurel store. Don't you just love her cute winking lady? Simple Pleasures....I already read the entire book. I'm a fast reader! I poured through every recipe and marveled at the lovely photos..(I just remembered that I didn't take photos of the inside but I am making a recipe from the book on Wednesday and I will post the book photo and the finished recipe.) I found a recipe called Grandma Wynn's Chicken Pie and this is the one I will be baking up on Wednesday.Thank you dear Nancy! You can't imagine how happy I am to have received such a wonderful gift from your Giveaway. I've been using your recipes from your blog and I've loved every single one! Friends, if you ever come across John Hadamucin's Simple Pleasure's ....grab it! It is inspirational and you'll fall in love with the wonderful recipes!

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